UAE - UAE: a law against religious discrimination [AN]

A presidential decree criminalises any act that stirs religious hatred and also prohibits discrimination “on the basis of religion, caste, creed, doctrine, race, colour or ethnic origin”. Receiving financial support for such activities is also punishable under the new law.


From my layman’s understanding, I applaud their government for doing this; it seems to protect religions and is a measure against extremism. Still, not knowing the country, I doubt if they allow Christian Churches to be built but nonetheless, this law, seemingly a good law, is a start.

I pray this law will encourage other countries in the M. E. to do the same.

I thought they did have Christian churches there. maybe I am confusing it with another country.

Wonderful! There are many Catholics and other Christians who openly worship in the U.A.E. I had the pleasure of visiting Dubai on 4 port visits during three deployments to the Gulf; they have allowed for a number of churches to be constructed.

It really is a rare spot in an otherwise hostile area. I’m sure the U.A.E. absolutely outrages Islamic extremists.

This is outstanding! This will be very difficult to spread, especially in those areas that do not enjoy the wealth of the UAE…
…Still, absolutely incredible!

UAE I believe are pro-economy in the sense of inviting anyone who wants to do business and be beneficial for the region so that all can enjoy the fruits of success. I think this is an example of this “invitation” whatever your Faith is.


I am doubtful that this law will be used to nurture tolerance and legal expression. It criminalizes “insulting” religion, which in other countries has been used to imprison, hurt, and kill those who question the dominant religion.

From this International Business Times article Nicholas McGeehan, a spokesperson for Human Rights Watch says:

“The concern is clearly that it will be used to further stifle speech under the guise of promoting tolerance,”

I certainly hope it isn’t going to be used to criminalize minority Religions…
…The U.A.E., historically has dealt swiftly with Devout or Fundamentalist Muslims.
…To their credit!

You’ve given me an opportunity to ask a question Mike…
…As an Atheist would you safer living in an Islamic State or Christian?
…I’ve not got a perspective on this from an Atheist before - that’s why I’m asking.

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