UAE's top diplomat defends Donald Trump's travel ban

A top diplomat for the United Arab Emirates has defended President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said the order, which bars citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries entering the US, was a “sovereign decision” on immigration which America had every right to take.

He said it was wrong to say the move was “directed against a particular religion” and added that most of the world’s Muslim-majority countries had not been affected by the order.

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It is striking, although completely expected, that the 7 countries are the same 7 countries the United States and its allies seem to have been targeting for war and destruction for well over a decade:

Yemen (Swap Lebanon for Yemen, and it’s the same 7 countries)

So…that makes It okay.

What does he care? His country wasn’t on the list.

His country should also be included in the extreme vetting too. Extremism can also be found in the richer Arab states as well.

What a coincidence … one set of rules for the rich, another for the poor.

It’s funny how those against the EO in the first place seem to desire other countries be added to it.

Does the UAE and Saudi Arabia have refugees waiting to come to the United States ?

UAE is fighting Iranian proxies in Yemen. The US has been somewhat supportive of that side.

To be fair, I don’t think it is as clear cut as that. Besides there are information that we do not know as to why his country in not included in the list - probably from an earlier study by the Obama administration which came out with the present list.

Admittedly the UAE is one of the most modern Arab states and the standard of their registration department of their citizens is rather advanced. Besides, being small in population and size, it may help somehow.

Thus their border is not as porous as the other mentioned countries for extremist elements to get out. Remember the Israeli spies incident many years back where they were immediately caught and their movement all over the UAE was well photographed.

So probably that makes them safer.

I disagree. They’re rich. They’re friends with rich people in the USA and Europe. They make up their own rules and label anyone who resists a terrorist.

ok noted for the personal opinion and perception.

As for me, I can only think that they are exempted because they are allies who have put their house in order (with regards to the vetting/fighting of the ISIS) and on the same page with the American President on the issue. Thus they can take care of themselves for them not to be included in the list.

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