Uber can now track passengers' locations after they are dropped off even when the app is closed


Uber can now track their passengers’ locations after they are dropped off and even when their app has been closed.

A new update to Uber’s app allows the global taxi service to collect passenger data up to five minutes after a journey has finished.

Previously Uber had only been able to do this when their app was open.



Coming soon:

“Uber now tracks you for 20 minutes after using the app”

“Uber now tracks you for 2 hours after using the app”

“Uber now tracks you all the time”

“Uber now tracks you all the time and gathers historical location data from before installing the app”

“Uber app now determines where you are allowed to go after your ride.”


Yes and all in the name of safety and security. LOL

I guess we should all be happy our Govt overlords are soooo concerned with our safety and security these days!


Oh, no problem :shrug: :eek:! That is the way it is in communist countries :bighanky:! The small “c” for commie on purpose. :wink:

It is just ***grea***t that you can see that, Bill Martin! Great for you! Love it!

Luz Maria


But it is different here. It isn’t the government, it is private companies. Lots of people will say “just don’t use Uber if you don’t want them to track you”. It is a market place issue.

Aaargh. I don’t understand why people are ok when it is a company doing it. :confused:


“. . it is different here” is what has been said before in countries that have fallen under the commie tyrany.

Okay, am not native English-speaker: Are you contradicting yourself? Am not okay with a company “doing it”.

I better leave . . . wish you well.



Yes, what a blessing to be cared for so much :smiley:


I was being sarcastic. People in the USA often see things as being okay if a company or business does it, but not okay if the government does it. I think that they are too similar and we should be worried whether it is a company or a government (federal, state, and/or local).


How is this an issue related to communism? A private company does something bad, and communism is still at fault?


Or…one could turn off location services when they don’t want to be tracked. Then no application can probe their location.


Somehow, I doubt its that easy to turn off the tracking, I have a sneaky feeling there is probably tracking and/or data gathering software built into all our phones, working even if the phone is turned off.

Its pretty naive to think they would allow the public to know their full technical abilities.


For some reason I think Lyft will start to get more customers…

Uber should be careful, they don’t hold a monopoly on this technology and other companies will usurp them if they start tracking their customers.


It’s not hard. On many android phones one can opt to put the location services switch in the top menu. In iOS it is easily accessible through the settings menu. Provided one has not rooted/hacked their phone the OS will not allow location information to flow into an app.

A carrier being able to infer the location of the phone based on the cell station it is attached to will be there. But I am only talking of keeping the information away from the app . One can check the permissions that an application has been granted and in many cases revoke them. When location services are turned off an application cannot get the inferred location from GPS, cell tower, wifi, or Bluetooth beacons.


The funny thing is the CEO is most likely a libertarian. Even if that’s incorrect or overstated I really doubt a tech billionaire is a communist or even sympathetic. This is capitalism in action. If they can track you, they can make money.


Yes, in fact they are reinventing the wheel, taxi services have been around for decades, Uber is nothing new really, it just allows anyone to be a ‘taxi driver’, heck you dont really even need uber to do that, some folks are even trying it now, on our local craigslist, there are loads of ‘ride services’ starting to pop up, its just a person with their own vehicle offering to drive people to their destination.


In addition to it being far-fetched that manufacturers would even bother to include such behavior in their phones for no profitable reason, there is this: It takes battery power to operate GPS, and it takes detectable radio signals to communicate over the cell towers. Any decent radio shop can easily detect when a phone is pinging the cell towers. I once even had a malfunctioning FM radio that would warble every time my cell phone did it. So if someone truly turns off their phone (not just locks it) or puts it in airplane mode, it would be essentially impossible for manufacturers to continue cell communication without a telltale ping now and then. And as for GPS, it takes power. If you turn off your GPS and it somehow continues to operate without telling you, you will see your battery continue to drain at a higher rate. It just can’t be hidden.


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