Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pittsburgh


From BBC News:


My only comment is that they have not thought this through fully.



Yeah, good luck with this on the narrow, crowded streets of downtown Pittsburgh. I hope the cars are clearly marked so I can keep a safe distance!


I saw this one in a movie once… Total Recall.

The cab tried to kill him as I remember.


If Hillary is President - driverless cars will make it much easier for Hillary to order hits


Agreed. :eek:




Like Ive been saying, this is being rolled out very shortly, all the automakers have SD lines coming out in 2018. From all the articles and interviews Ive seen about this with the manufacturers, self driving IS pretty much set to go, they have ALOT of time and money invested in this, as well as all the tech companies who have been working on it for many years now, but seems like its happening much sooner than many people expected.


So what about my car? Are they going to retrofit it? I plan on driving it until I can’t drive it anymore. And for parents, are you going to risk your family in a car with no driver? Look at the recalls for defects in human-driven cars. Are these cars going to be safer or will the passenger hear a message like: “Failure in primary function. Please take steering wheel now and disengage driverless feature.”?



Those are great news! The experts on the topic say that it will reduce the accidents. MIT at Singapore labs lauched their autonomous vehicle, and now Uber is trying to make it happen with the Volvo. Great! newsroom.uber.com/rethinking-transportation/


This is not good news. And insurance companies?


Will I pay no insurance if I get a driverless car? I mean, it’s not possible to plow into the side of a building if my computer system fails. I’m not to blame. And how big will they be? There’s a car being driven in my area that is so small, 4 adult males could lift it into the back of their Ford F-150 and drive away with it. I’ve seen a jet fighter cockpit. The driver of the car looked like he had about an inch more room.



I really don’t see what’s bad about it. The iii.org said:

Except that the number of crashes will be greatly reduced, the insurance aspects of this gradual transformation are at present unclear. However, as crash avoidance technology gradually becomes standard equipment, insurers will be able to better determine the extent to which these various components reduce the frequency and cost of accidents. They will also be able to determine whether the accidents that do occur lead to a higher percentage of product liability claims, as claimants blame the manufacturer or suppliers for what went wrong rather than their own behavior. Liability laws might evolve to ensure autonomous vehicle technology advances are not brought to a halt.

Imagine the future when everyone has an automated vehicle, accidents will decrease by a lot. These kind of thing is similar to robot assistance surgery, it’s very safe and with less to none errors compared if done by the best surgeon alone.

It’s OK to be afraid of new things that we don’t know much about and be reluctant. Imagine how many secrets the government and the military has because people can panic. I trust the experts.


I think they’ve still got some work to do … and as these things hit the road (as they say :smiley: ) the problems will become more apparent…but I’m also sure that until (if) the population rises up against them, they’ll work them out.


But then again, we’ve been trying to get computers to predict the weather since the 1950’s - and while technology has vastly improved, we all know not to completely rely on any forecast.


No one is going to suddenly make it illegal to drive manually, SD will become mandatory at some point, but we will be gradually eased into it over time, they cannot force people to go out and buy new cars due to some new law. Likely it will happen over time, manual drive cars will still be sold for years to come, but eventually for SD to be flawless and 100% safe, manual driving will have to be eliminated, they are just too unpredictable for a computer.

Regarding insurance, thats one of the great things about SD imo, there will be no need for major comprehensive coverage anymore, sure we will all still need protection from falling tree limbs, hail, etc, but that kind of coverage is generally not very expensive.

After all, how could they still demand we carry insurance when we are not doing the actual driving anymore? I imagine they will incorporate some kind of coverage into the price of the cars, fuel, or something related, but auto insurance in the form we see today will not exist in a SD world.

Cities will also save money because they will not have to pay police to constantly drive around citing people for traffic offenses and I imagine, eventually even accidents will become rare, so thats less need for those types of first responders.


“I tell ya Ester, them dadgum horseless carriages 'ill never catch on. By Goshem they’re dangerous and scare the animals, and they shure kain’t force evryun to giv up their buggies kin they?”


Check the number of recalls of cars over the past 5 years. Millions of cars. And suddenly, perfect cars? The law of human beings being unable to do it right with regular cars right now proves that “perfect” cars are not the solution. Why don’t we have perfect, off the production line cars now? We have the tech for driverless cars all figured out but we haven’t figured out the current manufacturing issues?


Driver to car: “Drive me to the bar.”

Car: “Which one?”


I’d feel better if the cars have a manual override, where the driver can elect to drive or can take over during a malfunction


Its not happening all the sudden, they have been working on this for a long time, they have had them in test cities for many years, this is when all the bugs get worked out.

Something else I was thinking about yesterday as I was sitting in traffic, all these semi trucks on the road, Im sure the trucking companies are supporting this change, just imagine all the money they will save on SD trucks instead of having to pay all those drivers, its possible it would be enough to decrease prices on food, clothing, etc.


I know a truck driver. If he loses his job, what will he do?



That’s a good start, but if a deer jumps out of the woods and you’re going 45 or 55? Like computers, if your hard drive fails, it just fails. Meanwhile, your car might give you a warning or not. I’m not against technology but I am for safeguards and backups should a problem occur.



This same scenario has played out 1000s of times thru out history whenever progress leaps forward, its makes certain industries obsolete, I do not agree that we should restrict progress or technology in any way just to ensure certain industries stay viable and afloat. Our society would plateau if that was done, there would always be some industry at risk of becoming obsolete by progressing technologies.

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