UCLA researchers warn centuries of drought could return to California




The politicians in California have been very slow in combating this drought. There is technology available to recycle used water and there is also technology, used by Israel for example, to extract drinking water from the ocean. Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Cape Verde, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia all have operating desalination plants. People in Singapore and Australia are drinking recycled waste water.


How on earth is finding different sources of drinking water “combating this drought”? What are politicians to do? Pass laws to make it rain?

I’m voting for that guy who is going to build rain clouds and make the weather man pay for it!:smiley:


You don’t have to find different sources of water. You can reuse the available water over and over again by reclamation or recycling the water that you already have. Politicians can assign tax money to build recycling plants and to build desalination plants. A law to make it rain might not help, but recycling plants and desalination plants would help. Cloud seeding is somewhat controversial and it is debatable as to whether or not rain making technology is effective.


Cow Fart Regulation Passed Into California Law.



Can you provide an example or two of what you would consider “combating a drought”?


No I cant…that was my point…it was the OP who’s comments sounded like politicians could legislate nature…a was merely pointing out the folly of such a premise.


Wonder when archaeologists will dig up those SUVs prevalent between 6,000 and 1,000 BC that caused global warming the last time.

My clear impression is that a very large part of California is a natural desert. Much or perhaps most of it is converted to something else only by immense effort, to sustain a too-large population there. And, of course, ever-increasing government appropriation of land in the west causes ever-increasing desertification.

Enormous amounts of water are used to irrigate desert alfalfa fields in order to feed it to dairy cattle that couldn’t possibly survive there except for the taxpayer-financed water projects. The “cow f…t” problem could be ended very quickly if they diverted the water to the cities or simply let it flow downstream, and imported milk from Wisconsin and other natural dairy states.

But no, better to keep paying for irrigation projects and weird devices to eliminate cow flatulence.


I dont understand this, I live in KY, very close to the OH border and Cincinnati. natural disasters are rare here, cost of living is very cheap, get a pretty decent sized house in a good area for around $100K, resources are plentiful…but CA has all kinds of natural disaster potential, especially the big earthquake threat, which everyones knows is only a matter of time, they have constant resource problems, jobs are hard to find, $100K would barely get you a one bedroom apt in a rough area…yet people still flock to CA, southern CA especially??

Shouldnt the cost of living in CA be very cheap and KY should be very high?

I guess the perfect weather in Socal is the big difference!


You are forgetting about the fact that CA borders the Pacific Ocean. KY is not near the beach.


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