Uefa opens case against Russia but not England after Euro 2016 fan violence


Good reporting by the Guardian - totally unjust!

France has been completely wrecked, by English fans, for several days before any Russian fans arrived. Cafes burned, French police fights, arrests, etc… yet, only Russia will be investigated by the UEFA. :rolleyes:

Possibly, it is another attempt to remove the world cup hosting from Russia, in 2018, and/or to stop people attending. :shrug:



The article actually explains why. UEFA can only take sanctions in respect of what happens inside the stadium.


That’s ‘fortunate’ for the other rioters/fans.

Mind you, looks like UEFA may have changed their tune.

*Rob Harris ‏@RobHarris 12m12 minutes ago

BREAKING: UEFA warns England & Russia they could be disqualified from European Championship if there is further violence.*



I watched a bit of the game on TV yesterday. Some of the English fans were booing during the Russian national anthem at the start, quite rude. I knew at that point there was likely to be some violence! I did see the fireworks from one of the Russian fan sections during the match. That was pretty startling, and if you ask me, pretty dangerous – what if the fireworks had caused a mass panic and crush?

I happen to think that Russia is not the best choice of host for the 2018 World Cup, but IMO that’s a separate issue from fighting and lax stadium security, etc., at the Euro Cup. If anyone is capable of maintaining security, it’s the Russians…


With all due respect to any football fans, football culture is, to me, absolutely bizarre.


haha…that’s for sure.

The actual footage of the Russians going over to the English side, show very few men did so and all the English fans ran away from them. So there were no altercations arising from it, a few shirts torn.

The street rioting and the damage done, in France, however was dreadful. It looked like Belfast during the troubles, at an orange march.




Europe is biased against conservative Russia.


I wouldn’t say that “Europe is biased against conservative Russia”. I’d say that Europe is biased against the underhand attempts of the Kremlin to interfere in its affairs even though the latter claims to hold the principle of national sovereignty as sacrosanct. Also, it should be borne in mind that even if a minority of English fans didn’t exactly behave themselves, the behaviour of some Russian “fans” (not all) was much worse: they were firing a flare gun at England fans, had clearly come prepared to incite violence and some groups even had links to neo-nazis. Even the usually pro-Kremlin Russia Today had to acknowlege that it was the Russians who started it inside the stadium, even if they decided to minimise it as no big deal.

Bearing all this in mind, there are certainly questions as to whether Russia is fit to host a major tournament if it is either unable to control their own fans properly.


That statement seems completely back to front, when has the ‘Kremlin’ ever interfered with the EU and/or would even get access to do so. :shrug:

There were no physical clashes in the stands, if there had been there would have been video evidence of same. The English fans had burned a Russian flag, in the stands, not exactly a smart thing to do - but no mention of that either.

From your RT link:

*The head of the Russian football fans’ union told TASS that no mass clashes between the Russian and English fans in the stands had taken place.
*“In fact, there was no clash,” said Aleksandr Shprigin. “The entire English sector… just got up and ran away. There were no scuffles, police were standing there. Everything is ok. The police are working well.”

Considering the mayhem, raised by English fans, for days prior to the Russia/Eng match, i.e. towns wrecked, men walking around dripping with blood, cafes burned, violent altercations with the French police - it is a wonder England were ever allowed to host a World Cup and/or were ever deemed ‘fit’ to do so - particularly so, as English football hooliganism has been world renowned, for decades and are seen as being the worst offenders.

(This is not meant to disrespect all English fans, just the ones that cause mayhem at every international tournament.)


Pepipop, I can provide many examples of Russia trying the destabilise the EU for its own purposes:


As for video evidence of clashes in the stands, none is necessary, since even a leading figure in the Russian FA not only admits that there were clashes, but actually appears to praise him!


This directly contradicts what the leader of the Russian fans union claimed in the RT piece. Also, English football has long cleaned up its act since the 1980’s and is in fact one of the safest countries to watch soccer live in Europe. Of course a few English fans did cause minor trouble, but that pales into insignificance compared to the orchestrated attacks by the Russian hooligan groups (who are also a minority, I am sure:


The Kremlin has to take some responsibility here, since they could have easily prevented them from entering France should they have had the will to do so.


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