UFO theories on the Fatima Apparitions

I myself have this question:What about Fatima and Ufology?

I have recently encountered the argument the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima was an UFO…I have not thought much about it.

Until I encountered these sources which support the UFO Theory:

These books by Portuguese historians Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’Armada:

Celestial Secrets” and “Heavenly Lights” ( Anomalist Books, 2007 )

And another book:

By Joaquim Fernandes, Fernando Fernandes and Raul Berenguel:Fatima Revisited 2008

The UFO theory about Fatima is also proposed by a man named Jacques Vallée

Can anyone answer these UFO theories?I would like it cleared up.Thanks.

On a side note,I heard a rumor that after the Miracle of the Sun a certain substance called angel hair appeared in the fields that appeared by the multitude.

UFO theorists say these things might easily come from UFOs as they manipulate air molecules.

Others say these things are just spider webs…

But it does not explain how these spider webs appear at Fatima right after the Miracle of the Sun

hi. The word UFO what does it mean? it means UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. you might want to ask yourself whether it is possible to make a reasonable argument based on an unidentified/unidentifiable object. They argument against the Fatima apparition literally has no base.

Wow. That’s a new one.
People write books about a lot of things.

It’s safe to say that a pseudoscience like ufology has no evidence based claims on anything they say.

These UFO supporters also say Jesus was taken up, not to heaven , but into a space craft.
Same for Elijah in Old Test. who was taken up in a fiery chariot!

Alien explanations for miracles will always be popular versus faith conversion.



Belief in aliens doesn’t require one to **repent **of anything!


Good call! :thumbsup:

It’s okay to believe an unknown other world species which we have never seen nor seen evidence to suggest exist have highly advanced technology and play games with humanity because its a 0845,Tuesday, Earth/eastern standard time, but its unreasonable to believe in acts of God or miracles? What strange world we live in.

Sounds like a lame excuse not to be Catholic and live a selfish life.

Given how UFOs and aliens are used all the time by people to avoid God, personal responsibility and logic, I wouldn’t blame them (if they existed) to avoid our solar system at all costs.

Or Jesus was an alien. Wait, isn’t there a religion which says he was?

No kidding!

It blows my mind that several folks I know find it simpler to believe in aliens rather than God. I just don’t find it rational, but I"M sure they look at my faith that way, too!

Regarding Fatima proper, it would take a LOT of collusion between the seers and the aliens for months on end (meeting once a month and plotting?) in order to get the masses assembled just for the “spider-web” thing, wouldn’t it? Why give locutions, visions of Hell, request the rosary, and let Lucia be beaten by her mother…just to prove their existence?

I’ll pass.

As a long-time UFO researcher, I have found no evidence to suggest any connection. It is a fiction that started with a few authors and that reappears from time to time. At present, my research shows that no one has a definitive answer to UFO propulsion and its effects on the surrounding environment. Again, such books contain only speculation, mixed with fantasy. Jacques Vallee is a skilled writer of primarily fiction. His attempt to unify all supernatural/ UFO phenomena is not convincing at all.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Just one thing, the ‘theory’ of it being a UFO would proves nothing. :shrug:

Ascribing miracles of God to aliens is New Age nonsense. An alien from another planet is not going to appear as the Blessed Virgin. An alien is not going to tell us to repent, turn to God, pray the Rosary for peace. An alien would not show the seers visions of hell, purgatory, and heaven. The alien connection is a New Age, Godless crackpot theory promulgated by atheists with an agenda.

I am not aware of this “angel hair” at Fatima. What I have read from several accounts, was that something that resembled rose petals floated down upon the crowd after the miracle. The “rose petals” vanished before reaching the ground. Rose petals would be very much in keeping with our Blessed Virgin, not aliens.

But in fairness, there are similarities between the UFO/alien abduction phenomena and religious/miraculous/supernatural experiences. I believe that the UFO/abduction thing, if real, is most likely demonic, which explains it’s similarity to supernatural events from God. They both (Godly and demonic) essentially come from the same level of reality - the supernatural realm, NOT outer space!

Hmmm…I also discovered that Lucia told the people to look at the sun in the first place…but later said she had no memory of saying that…

I know I shouldn’t bother about this…and I don’t…but it is unquestionable that the skeptic would like to abuse this fact…

When you can supply reliable sources for all your angelhair and other 3rd party vague, hearsay phenomenon re Fatima do come back to us.

Why should we do the legwork for you that you really need to do yourself if you want to respect yourself and be respected by us re this unlikely topic?

I agree.

I d not care as much about angel hair,but just showed it as additional food for thought.

And about that Lucia loosing memory of telling people to look at the sun thing…this came from Wikipedia which means it is easy to find.

Wikipedia also refers to a source when talking about Lucia’s memory loss.The source is for everyone to see at the Our Lady of Fatima page of Wikipedia when they talk about the miracle of the sun.

The source is in the footnotes of the page, so now you can see where this is coming from…

NB give your helpers convenience if you want focussed serious answers.
The accepted way to do this is to write out the relevant quote in quotation marks (with a good chunk of text either side for context) and then provide details of the publication from which it came (and an Internet link would be a great optional addition).

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