UFO's? What Are They?


With all the recent press I think it would be interesting to discuss such a matter. Me personally, I believe that this is some kind of demonic activity from what I know about it…things disappearing and reappearing…no sound coming from these objects…the extreme unlikleyhood that something could come from as far as they would have to come to get here…the horrible stories of alien abductions…etc…etc. I just purchased a book by a guy named Gary Bates called “Alien Intrusion:The UFO and Evolution Connection”…


It sounds like a well thought-out book. Any Christian should be able to “give and answer” concerning these things.


PS - Has the CC come up with any statements on such a thing?


UFO’s are spaceships that contain gray beings that Scientologists worship. :bowdown:


I’ve noticed that no one seems to have caught one of these things on a video camera. Heck, it seems like everyone has one-but they never seem to take a picture of a UFO. I’ll believe it when I see one in action.


I’ve been told aliens are actually demons. They attempt to steal pregnant women because they are trying to figure out how to create life…something that only God can do.

Interesting idea actually, now that I’ve put it down in words.


Angels peaking through the veil.


Depends, some are probably (in no particular order):

Military experiments
optical illusions

Where I used to live there were an unusual # of “UFO sightings” We were also living very close to a military base where they often were closing roads “to do testing.”


Cling << Me personally, I believe that this is some kind of demonic activity from what I know about it…things disappearing and reappearing… >>

Many Christians generally believe that because the activity of “alien encounters” are similar to what folks experience under the influence of demons or “spirit guides” (from dealings with the occult, Ouija boards, psychics, etc). Here’s an article What are UFOs that concludes this.

Of course don’t leave out natural explanations. Many “UFO spacecraft” turn out to be Identified Flying Objects: weather balloons, planes, helicopters, jets flying in formation, toys on a string, deceptive camera or fake photo work, frisbees :stuck_out_tongue: or other deliberate frauds or hoaxes.

There is a classic book by Jacques Vallee you might find interesting. He was a French astrophysicist, computer scientist, and agnostic UFO researcher for many decades. He is modeled after the French scientist “Lacombe” in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” His 1979 book on UFO contacts and cults is titled Messengers of Deception. Vallee concludes:

“Let me summarize my conclusions thus far. UFOs are real. They are an application of psychotronic technology; that is, they are physical devices used to affect human consciousness. They may not be from outer space; they may, in fact, be terrestrial based manipulating devices. Their purpose may be to achieve social changes on this planet. Their methods are those of deception: systematic manipulation of witnesses and contactees; convert use of various sects and cults; control of the channels through which the alleged ‘space messages’ can make an impact on the public.” (page 21)

Later an appendix includes his prepared statement to the U.N. in a meeting in New York City, Nov 22, 1978. He lays out three aspects of the UFO phenomenon. The first aspect is to study any available “physical” evidence by science. The second aspect is “psycho-physiological” where contactees experience various disorientation symptoms, loss of sense of time, partial paralysis, loss of voluntary muscle control, auditory and visual hallucinations, temporary blindness, psychic reactions, disturbance of sleep and dream patterns, and radical behavior changes. The third aspect is the “social belief system” generated by the “expectation of space visitors” – “it is creating new religious, cultural, and political concepts of which social science has taken little notice…”

He later plays down the importance of the “physical” aspect of UFOs since “belief in space visitors is independent of the physical reality of the UFO phenomenon…we might say something is ‘real’ if enough people believe in it. The UFO phenomenon has now reached this point.” (page 234) He also has several arguments against the idea that these are (physical) “extraterrestrial visitors” from another planet.

Good book! I don’t know what Vallee is up to recently. But his (agnostic scientist) conclusion that these are mainly non-physical “messengers of deception” agrees with the (Christian) “UFOs are demons” thesis.

Phil P


In all seriousness, I once saw UFO’s with friends of the family when I was about 13 years old. We all saw it.

I vote for top secret military stuff.


The evangelical astro-physicist Hugh Ross makes a fascinating and compelling case that the very small percentage of unexplained cases UFO and alien “encounters” (most are explained through natural phenomenon) are actually of demonic origin. He puts forth this case in his book, Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men.


Unidentifed Flying Objects are real.

They are reported by sober, intelligent, trustworthy people (astronauts, pilots, police, ex-Presidents of the USA) all over the world.

What they are is a different matter.

I wouldn’t expect to see people who believe the claims of the Bible to go rubbishing the claims of people who have seen UFO’s too quickly.

Interestingly, Fatima is gaining more prominence in UFO circles as a UFO event and they do have a case. There are striking similarities.

The rotating dancing sun goes down as a definite UFO.

I’m not saying that Fatima is extraterrestial, I’m just saying it has similarities to UFO sightings (whatever they are).


Its the Darhma Initiative…

they are trying to alter the result of society by playing with unique magnetic properties of some far away island…

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Interesting numbers you got there, I might use then for the lottery.


Personally, I think that all of these things [FONT=Arial](UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, etc.) are the result of demonic activity because it’s not unusual for so-called UFO abductees to also experience poltergeists, experience symptoms of possession, etc. Before flying saucers, people saw phantom airships. The Devil loves to deceive.[/FONT]


The UFOs are top secret, man-made aircraft.

God bless,


UFO can be any object that unidentify flying objects. They can be either top secret military aircraft, anomalies of nature, or even possible intelligence life. I don’t think they are demon. Demons have no material form. They are pure spirit.

I have heard some un-approved apparitions claiming UFOs as demons. I rather find that claim ridiculous and unrealistic.

UFO I believe are aliens from other civilized world. I do think it is possible for other life forms. This in no way contradict the Scriptures.


Maybe some but not all.

What about the flying phantom airships that people reported seeing a couple of centuries ago? Isn’t it strange that they are no longer being seen but UFO are?


The “phantom” airships were airships made by men.

God bless,


If Bigfoot exists I’d have thought of it as just an ape or something, though a bear is probably the cause in most cases.

I would have thought of ghosts as possibly souls in purgatory, though sometimes they are demons (e.g. poltergeists)


They are Cylons.

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.


Anyway, In all of seriousness. We had a family friend who was Colonel in the Air Force, and who was dead for a few minutes at one point and had an out of body experience (tell me that isn’t a combo ready for paranormal paranoia). Anyway, he had what I thought was an interesting view on all of this.

He believed that since we understand and manipulate the world around us with science and technology and since we’re created in God’s image then God must be highly mathmatically and technologically inclined. So he thought UFO’s were essentially angels, and that Heaven would be filled with technological wonders.


I think the name tells it all. UFO i.e. UNIDENTIFIED flying objects. There is too much more to worry about.
Deacon Ed B

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