Uganda allowed to spray DDT

THE World Health Organisation and the European Union have allowed Uganda to spray the DDT chemical, the water and environment minister has said. Ali Mambule reports that Maria Mutagamba said the Government would use the chemical, to kill mosquitoes that spread malaria.

About time. DDT has never been shown to be harmful. Yet, the malaria it prevents is obviously harmful. Especially in that part of the world.

Still seems rediculous to me that a country needs permission to do something inside their own borders like this.

But international groups apparently know better than a sovereign nation. :rolleyes:

Wonderful!! Every time I see the add for the humanitarian group soliciting donations for screened tents to protect Africans from the mosquitos I scream! Now if they solicited funds for DDT I would send $.

It’s about time the safety of human beings takes precedence.

I fear we are only a short period of time before a “save the mosquito” campaign takes place by over-zealous animals are more important then human types. (note that I have nothing against responsible animal welfare organizations)

A bunch of sovereign nations apparently thought so when they approved or acceded to the convention.

My guess would be that many nations had views along these lines:

This treaty shows the possibilities for cooperation among all parties to our environmental debates. Developed nations cooperated with less-developed nations. Businesses cooperated with environmental groups. And now, a Republican administration will continue and complete the work of a Democratic administration.

Malaria is a terrible scourge in that part of the world. The only effective approach that they’ve found so far is DDT.

So tragic that so many people, men, women and children, have had to die from malaria for the sake of environmental ideology.

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