Uganda Punished Over Anti-Gay Law (Posponed Health Loan)


(Reuters) - The World Bank on Thursday postponed a $90 million loan to Uganda’s health system over a law that toughened punishment for gays, an unusual move for an institution that typically avoids wading into politics…

The World Bank, a poverty-fighting institution based in Washington, usually refrains from getting involved in countries’ internal politics or in issues such as gay rights to avoid antagonizing any of its 188 member countries.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, however, sent an email to bank staff saying the bank opposes discrimination, and would protect the safety of all employees.

So now small children and babies will suffer and be denied health care because the World Bank has decided to refrain from giving this impoverished nation its loan. Disgusting.

The decision by the global lender comes days after Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway said they would also freeze or change aid programmes for Uganda because of the law…

With a per capita income of $506, Uganda relies heavily on donor aid and suspension of aid could affect many development programmes.


I guess I’ll be donating to Uganda.


In any war you don’t pull punches if you want to win and believe me this is a war.


So this is what it takes to end the madness known as foreign aid eh?


Nice to know that homosexual activity is more important to you than the health of children. :thumbsup:


Uganda is violating human rights and it’s about damn time that the world’s fighting back against these crimes


You don’t find your remark a little oxymoronic, let’s protect gay rights but starve children in the process. I’d also like to know if there are stopping aid to countries where actual human rights violations are occurring on mass, like parts of the Middle East, Asia and Africa (persecution that have been going on for decades)? Those so-called human rights advocates wouldn’t dare do this to a Muslim majority nation.

P.S. And just letting you know that the most persecuted group is not Gays but Christians.


Why should they receive money if they are going to continue to abuser their citizens? And just because people haven’t taken a stand against other volition’s doesn’t mean they should allow this one to continue. Do you mean real discrimination like being harassed, abuse or persecuted by the government or fake discrimination like being told to make a cake for a gay wedding?


The homosexual “sexual” act is not a right. It’s a perversity, and this country considers it a grave threat to the traditional family, which is the fundamental unit of society. The damage is worse when it causes the spread of AIDS. If this country considers a certain wrongdoing a serious threat to the common good, it’s reasonable to enact commensurate stringent measures against it.

On the other hand, health is a right. The affluent are accountable for the welfare of those who need support for their health care.

I think it’s clear who’s violating true human rights here.


What if you were fined and forced to bake a cake with an anti-gay design? Would you consider that fake discrimination?

I’m not really sure about the details of this law, but AFAIK it only penalizes same sex sexual acts or same sex “marriage.” As long as you don’t do these, you aren’t punished. This means a person experiencing homosexual attraction but does not act on it cannot be punished.


Before everyone gets too worked up over this, there is one small earmark that this money would be bringing to Uganda:

“The World Bank’s executive board had been set to approve the Ugandan health project on Thursday. The money was meant to supplement a 2010 health loan that focused on maternal health, newborn care and family planning.” I think we all know what the meaning of family planning is…

Taken from the second link in the OP:…A1Q2C320140227


First, the ends don’t justify the means, and the means chosen are despicable, moreover, the persecution of Christians in many countries is a hundred times worse than Gays being denied a wedding cake for their “wedding”. There is brutality, harassment, abuse, you name it of Christians in many parts of the world, 80% of all persecution is directed at Christians. And as I said, the very same countries that persecute en masse are still receiving foreign aid from the World Bank (and these countries have been persecuting for decades). Why don’t you go check out their aid to Middle Eastern countries, and ask yourself if these countries would tolerate gays (I know in Iran they still hang them, which is horrible, but nothing’s being done)?


Oh, and that too. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if the main goal of these grants is really health or just family planning, with maternal health and newborn care on the side to make it a bit palatable and less conspicuous.


Well, if it’s a war, then maybe Uganda and Russia should step up its efforts as well.

Also, ideological people care about ideological crimes and this is the most popular front on the “war against God,” an umbrella term, I realize. They don’t look at the world and then say, “Hmmm, what’s the crime affecting most people now? Let’s take care of that.” They say, “How can we further our agenda?” When leftists or atheists say “human rights,” it’s to be taken as a joke.


If they suffer, it is the fault of their President who signed such a cruel and inhumane law.

He’s not saying that at all and I think you know that.
Do you think a heterosexual person having sex outside marriage should receive life in prison, too?
Tho I guess if we had this anti-gay law in the rest of the world, those 400-plus priests that Pope Benedict defrocked–plus a Bishop or two–would be serving life in prison.

Too right. I wonder if an organization like Amnesty International will get involved in something like this.



BTW, let me just clarify that I am also against human rights violations (ex. people killed, tortured, or punished w/o due process etc.) I also agree that death penalty is indeed too severe as a punishment (which the law already revised). What I’m criticizing is the way this law is automatically alleged as a human rights violation/abusive just because some people assume that the homosexual act is not a wrongdoing at all.


Uganda’s government has been violating its citizens human rights for a long time, and much more serious rights than what you seem so upset about (like the right not to be tortured then put against a wall and shot for example). Rather odd that these so called champions of human rights (World Bank et al) didn’t seem to have any issue loaning Uganda money until this new set of laws. I guess some rights (having sex with whoever you want, marrying whoever you want) are more important than others (like not being tortured or shot by security forces for no reason).


That was my exact thought when I first heard it on the news.

Gay rights more important than babies lives in this world.



So if someone believes something is right (there are no OUGHTS which follow from IS under atheism, Mr/Ms ANGRY atheist… it’s OK to punish the innocents to achieve action on the situation?

Sounds to me like a perfect example of why atheism is dangerous. We have someone who holds the irrational idea that human rights exist but at the same time don’t exist, because while some peoples’ rights may be violated, it’s OK to violate more innocent peoples’ rights in response.

This is a perfect example of the amorality of atheism. Next time someone criticises your belief system, remember that you’re advocating the suffering of a far greater, and even innocent number of more vulnerable people = children in Africa who cannot choose anything, over the dangers the democratically elected Govt of Uganda poses to a small minority of adults - who could at worst - pretend they’re not gay and so save themselves from any problems.

I don’t condone discrimination against anyone, but to want to punish the innocent and of a greater number, and the very people who are society’s future - also goes against utilitarian ethics.


It is surprising that the world bank, set up to assist in the economic development of struggling countries, seeks to get involved in the internal politics of those very countries. I consider this economic imperialism. I personally oppose state discrimination, but those seeking to further their individual secondary rights need to consider the results of their “war” on the primary rights of innocent children.

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