Ugh! I Can't Find St. Hubert


I like to go hunting and I have a St. Hubert of Leige medal. This particular saint has an unusual and inspiring story, and I really have a devotion to him. But I would really like to have an image of him to put on my home altar. (12 inches or 8 inches would work best).

So far I’ve only found one site ( that sells statues of St. Hubert, but they are sold out at this site. Does anyone else know of a place where I could obtain this statue? :shrug:


I found one here , kind of pricey but beautiful.


Wow. Nice. :slight_smile:

A bit out of my price range though. :o

$ 92 for a 5" statue of St. Hubert. :eek:

Nevertheless, it is beautiful.


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