UGH. I have to write a speech for church


I don’t mind speaking in front of everyone, I just CANNOT write speeches!

I know the words in my heart and mind, I just can’t put them on paper. I have been sitting here forever and just can’t put the words down.

I have to speak on “Why Catholic School” for our Catholic Schools Week kickoff Mass!

Any great speech writers out there???


Here’s an article that might help you with talking points and ideas a bit:

Catholic Schools Today:
Why They’re Right for Your Child
by Robert J. Kealey



I heard a neat talk on tape by Fr. Corapi where he said that education is the imparting of truth. Who is Truth? Jesus Christ. All education must lead to Truth–thus, Jesus Christ. It seems to me that Authentic Catholic education is the best way to get to Truth.

I wish I still had that tape.


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