Ugh...six months after nullity declared


It’s been six months since my husband’s decree of nullity was received (and since, we’ve been married in the Church) and this weekend we received a letter from the tribunal that his ex has now petitioned for the decree to be nullified due to her not being able to defend herself. They tried for three months to reach her and never heard from her. Now, that she knows we’re married, she’s petitioning. Anyone been through this? If you can, please say a little prayer for the patience on our part and to help our trust that no matter what, God’s Will will prevail (whether or not in our favor).


From what I recall, her only recourse will be to petetion the Vatican - the Roman Rota - that is a long process.




Your situation stinks. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it out in one piece. May God be with you, and you have my affection and prayers.


I was under the impression that she would have missed her opportunity because she would have had to file for the appeal to the Roman Rota prior to the decision from the second Tribunal. Is that not the case. BTW, even if she did have recourse to the Roman Rota, she has no case. Your grounds are among the strongest.


And for those who complain how “long” it takes an annulment… this works to your favor.

If she was informed of the petition and ignored it, and then it went through the year, year and a half or two year period of examination, and then the couple was granted the annulment petition and one married in the church… by the time she finds out she all of a sudden makes a claim?

Well, she’s had 2 years to “defend” herself. The long process works against her. The fact she finally opens her mouth now seems to indicate pure vindictiveness as a motive.

This is one of the reasons hurrying the process through quickly is not a good idea. It keeps one spouse from legitimately claiming they had no chance to contest it.


I think (and hope) you are right. Her complaint is that my husband lied about not knowing where she lives (and thus not being contacted). We’ve looked at his initial application (which had been lost by the diocese once and resubmitted again) with the contact information he knew for her. Today, just doing a basic Yahoo search of her name, a society she’s listed under has the exact same address for her and was last updated, today. Hopefully this will be quick and not too painful.

My husband is in the diaconate formation and we feel as if we’ve been spiritually attacked an aweful lot since beginning this in September. This just seems to solidify that belief.

Thank you for the prayers, and I agree, this is a perfect example on why it’s good that the process is long (his was longer than normal because the archdiocese it was initially filed with lost all of what he submitted, and then when resubmitted, put him through a different process, which when found out it was wrong, he was sent back to the beginning, and thus, in our new diocese, our pastor strongly suggested that all of the case be transferred to his new diocese). Oh well, another reason to be vigilent throughout the process.


Just an update, my husband has to go to the tribunal next week, but between today and yesterday, on the list where I found her information, she’s changed her last name and address (thank goodness I printed up yesterday’s page with the internet address and time=date at the bottom, since today’s is the exact same address, so no need to say that things were made up). I also looked up where she states she works, and the employee list does not have her name (yes, printed up the list also), and did a reverse search of the address, it’s under a completely different name. Liberanosamalo, I think you are 100% correct, she’s being vindictive. Hopefully all of this will prove my husband didn’t lie about her whereabouts.


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