Ugh! Unshriven for Easter

I’m a recent convert, but during much of Lent I’ve been what we called a “backslider” when I was a Protestant, missing Mass, neglecting devotions and some Lenten vows, and other religious obligations, etc., due chiefly to manic-depression, stress, and anxiety. Much of the time when I’m not at my hated job I just go home and sleep because I just don’t want to go anywhere or be around people.

Anyway, I have to work Saturdays and most churches in my city schedule their Confession sessions for then, generally during the actual time I have to be at work. So basically if I don’t confess in the half-hour before I’m due at work, at the church several blocks from my job, I don’t get to confess. (I’ve been scared to privately schedule a session.)

I got to that church just in time today, only to learn they weren’t doing Confession today. This is the latest Catholic newbie faux pas of a long line. My understanding is that not taking Eucharist at Easter is a major no-no, though not as much, say, as taking Eucharist with unconfessed mortal sin on your record.

I just feel like a bull in a china shop, breaking things every time I turn around. And as you can gather I’m in a major period of spiritual dryness, which frustrates me all the more because it’s come on so soon after my Confirmation.

Hi seeker63,

…all is not lost, there’s still time:



Catholics must receive Holy Communion at least once a year, during the Easter season (in the United States, from the first Sunday of Lent through Trinity Sunday, the 8th Sunday after Easter).

So, you’ve still got 8 weeks!


Hello, friend. I pray you face your fear of making an appointment for Confession, because once you do you will feel sooooo much better! I assure you that your priest will be kind and comforting to you, especially if you let him know you are fearful.

Maybe your experiences this year will inspire you to take care of everything sooner before Easter next year, as the rewards are so great! For now, feel the glory of Our Risen Lord and rejoice!
Many blessings,


Seeker, I hope you read this in time.

I have been in your position, I will give it to you flat out, you cant be a wuss here, get to Church tomorrow 1 hour or sooner before Mass. Dont be a wuss here, go up to the priest and tell him you need to confess. He will gently take you aside and hear your confession. Go, check around for the latest Mass time. You can do this!!!

If you dont get this in time, like JMS said you have more time.

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