Uhh....ok. Where did the thread go? *confused*


:confused: Uh…not that I had responded on it for pages and pages, but where did my original thread go about me attending the gay ceremony? Just curious? Its been deleted? I haven’t answered on it for several pages, just wondering where it went?



Just FYI…discussing/questioning why a post was deleted is #9 on the “banned topics” list.

If you want to inquire about the deletion with the moderator, here is the way you do it:



Maybe its not banned, just lost. Click on your name in one of your posts, like the one on tis thread, and look for “all posts by Vester” or “all threads started by Vester” and probably you’ll find the lost thread.


Yikes. OK - sorry!!! I didnt know I couldn’t ask. My fault. Im so sorry! Thanks 1ke!



Your thread has been pulled, pending my review. In the future, please contact the forum moderator should you have questions about a thread’s status.

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