UK Boy Scouts' to Distribute Condoms, Contraceptives, Teach about STDs

By Kathleen GilbertLONDON, United Kingdom, November 11, 2008 ( - New U.K. Scout Association guidelines have established directives for scout leaders to teach young scouts about sexually transmitted disease and contraceptives in a new sexual health initiative that is…

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From the story:

Leaders will now be expected to speak about the risks of sexual activity to youngsters as young as ten and to hand out “emergency condoms” when they feel that youngsters appear to be on the brink of sexual activity.

Dare one ask how to judge when a boy is “on the brink”? Might one counsel him not to engage in potentially dangerous behavior? Or give him the false impression that it will be consequence-free as long as he uses a condom?

Contraception for female scouts is to be administered in case “their physical or mental health are likely to suffer” without it.

They’ll suffer because they’re already sexually active? Or they’re “on the brink” like the aforementioned boys?


One is left to wonder whether or not this should be filed under “be prepared” or “do a good deed for someone every day.” Either way, very sad.

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