UK Catholic Gynae?

HI - this is mainly for the women out there particularly if you have any experience of UK doctors!!!

I have an undiagnosed gynae complaint (alongside PCOS) with all the symptoms of endometriosis but there is no trace when the docs opened me up. (If anyone has any idea what this might be suggestions would help!) I have had it now for 5 years and it can leave me near disabled for 2/3 weeks when I actually get a period (it can be 3/4 months in between or 4 periods in 6 weeks!)

My doctors keep offering me - the pill of the coil and basically refuse to do anything else - as far as I can tell these options would just mask my problem if anything at all and could have damaging affects on my health (the pill is connected to rises in ovarian and breast cancer both of which run in my biological family).

I do have private medical insurance but how the heck do I do find a catholic doctor over here?? I am so fed up with being fobbed off because of my age etc - apparently being 20 makes just makes these thngs happen ’ i might grow out of it’!!!:confused:

Any advice would be appreciated ( I understand that no-one here can give me medical advice) but info on other conditions, doctors who might give me something over than contraception!!!

It really winds me up that doctors are not helpful in these situations and don’t listen when I tell them I dont want the pill, for 5 years I have seen various doctors and told each of them NO PILL etc and everytime I go it is offered:eek: it is SO ridiculous - I will no take the risk of pumping my body with hormones which should NOT be there!!!

Thank you

God Bless


They are all about healing underlying problems, rather than masking/ignoring them.

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