(UK) Christian hoteliers cleared of insulting Muslim guest to sell business

From the Bootle (Merseyside) Times:
TWO Christian hoteliers from Bootle cleared of insulting a Muslim guest are selling up because they claim their business is now failing.

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang’s Bounty Hotel, in Aintree, is losing up to £8,000 a month after a court case last year.
Life in the brave new world…where one is guilty unless proven innocent. And even when proven innocent, and even then, there are still impacts.

I wasn’t sure, from the article, whether the hoteliers’ were cleared because they had a right to say insulting things, or whether they were cleared because they didn’t say insulting things.

It seems the court did not believe that insulting things were said.

[quote="The Times (of London)]After a two-day trial, Richard Clancy, a district judge sitting at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, threw out the allegations of religiously aggravated threatening behaviour, suggesting that Mrs Tazi’s account could not be relied upon and that she was not quite the religious person that she presented herself as in the witness box.


Oh, I think its nothing new, but as old as mankind. Juicy gossip travels far and wide, and we are quick to think the worst of persons we don’t know. However, good news is not news, and it doesn’t get spread person to person as with “dirt”.

Once a person’s character is impugned, permanent damage is done. The public rarely hears that the allegations are false, because such news is less interesting to us.

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