UK: "Christian Student Kicked Out of University for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality in Legal Fight Against School"


“In my Facebook posts in question, I simply expressed support for the biblical view of marriage and sexuality,” he said in a statement at the time. "However, I was reported to the university for these views and they unilaterally decided to end my course. In so doing, they ended my training for my chosen vocation in life

Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Center, which is supporting Ngole’s legal challenge, said in 2016: “Mr Ngole has worked with those who identify as homosexual in the past and has always treated them with respect, never discriminating against them. There is no evidence that Felix’s biblical views would have negatively impacted his work.”


Except, of course, in his Facebook posts.


I remember this case. I’ve read his Facebook posts myself. Language is contextual, and you can only do so much quoting without implying that you are expressing your own position. Sharing a quote that calls for people in a certain category to be put to death won’t be taken well ( Leviticus 20:13). Someone over the Atlanta Fire Department got fired over something similar. He expressed a view on homosexuals in a book he published. After employees complained he was sent to sensitivity training. He went on a tour from church to church telling people how unrepentant he was and how he wasn’t going to change (I dot to see him deliver this message myself). He was let go. He referred to his termination as “persecution.”


This is old news from last year.
But yes, Christianity is under attack in the UK and the national and established churches remarkably take part in the campaign.
So it isn’t surprising this student’s treatment isn’t an exception but starting to become the norm. And not just in the UK but throughout the West.

Forget burkas - Christianity’s the faith that is really under siege

How we love fretting about the wrong thing. While the country convulses itself about Islamic face veils, a truly disturbing event, affecting our freedom and our future, goes almost unobserved.

This is the creepy and totalitarian treatment of a Christian nurse, Sarah Kuteh, sacked from an NHS hospital for daring to suggest that a patient she was treating might like to go to church and (horror of horrors) ‘inappropriately gave a Bible to a patient’.

To regain the favour of the commissars, she has had to write a ‘reflective’ screed in which she ‘incorporated your obligations in relation to having clear professional boundaries and not expressing your personal beliefs in an inappropriate way’ and ‘set out the steps you have taken to address the deficiencies highlighted in your practice. You have addressed how you would act differently in the future.’ In other words, she has confessed her thought-crime and promised not to repeat it.


don’t you guys have free speech?


As I remember, Ngole wasn’t on an academic course, he was on a professional social worker course leading to a qualification to practice in circumstances where he would need to establish a level of trust with his future clients and would require insight into own his practice and behaviour when dealing with them.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, he was going on about Leviticus and the naughtiness of homosexuals.

Given that, as a future social worker, Ngole’s client groups would be likely to contain individuals whose lives would breach all sorts of Biblical instructions and codes, together with his inability to separate his views from the requirements of practice, he was removed from the course.

Ngole was an unprofessional conduct case waiting to happen.


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