[UK] Church panel under pressure to name new Anglican leader

A secretive group choosing the next Archbishop of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the world’s 80 million Anglicans, is under pressure to break a deadlock in their talks and reach a decision, nearly a month after an announcement was expected.

Members were expected to reach a decision in September and pass two names - their first choice and a back-up - to Prime Minister David Cameron, who then seeks the approval of The Queen, the church’s supreme governor.

Andrew Carey, [a religious] commentator whose father George Carey is a former Archbishop of Canterbury, said the church was “divided like never before”.

“The faultline is same-sex marriage and both sides, liberal and conservative, seem to be extremely bad tempered,” he said.


According to Rowan Williams, who is stepping down, the next Archbishop of Canterbury will need the constitution of an ox and the hide of a rhinoceros.

This is where we see deeper into the nature of Churches.
Bishops church leaders who are chosen by secular rulers…
This is what you may call a perfect state religion. Whatever the State believe she will believe. How can this be from God and while God is clearly defined by the State.
How do reasonable people stay in Anglicanism or how Angicanism itself does not change itself from a clear error is beyond me.

I know Catholics are forbidden to be heads of the Kingdom, but are other religions forbidden as well, my best guess is they are, but I think I heard once that they are may be not. In with case we can ask, what would happen if the high autority of the Kingdom were to be from other Faith?

God bless

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