UK Comic Relief - Pro-Abortion


Hi all, Just a quick one to UK posters!

Comic Relief has since 99 given money to support abortion centres in the third world and for this reason I boycott all Comic Relief charity events and products.

I believe that I should only give money to charities who put money into helping people not killing the future generation regardless of the circumstances which these children may be born into - after all I wouldnt support an abortion in the west because the parents werent wealthy etc!

Anyhow just a little heads up!

May god bless you.


Thank you for that, I was unaware of this. Not that I don’t take you to your word, but for information reasons, do you have links to anywhere on the web that demonstrates the fact?


Just a couple of links from Google.

When I was in high school (about 5yrs ago!) I arranged the first boycott of comic relief in our school - which was a catholic school.



should have info on this. They have a charities booklet which lists pro-abortion charities, or those who fund abortion services. Beware of supporting Comic Relief accidentaly by buying certain products-Andrex and Kleenex being some.


I no during this time of year i make my aim not to buy anything with that logo I find it a joke that this event which supposedly helps children is sending money to fund abortion centres.

It makes me so angry!


Thanks again, for the links and bringing attention to this.


Does anyone know if Sports Relief also funds these charities?
I know this post is a few years old, but could do with some help in making an informed choice.


Thank you for this. I will avoid things related to their events and products.


Isn't this the charity that the Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling supports or is it a different one?
It does not operate here in the US, but it's good to know in case the subject comes up in an online discussion.


I think that there is a branch of Comic Relief that is ‘Catholic Friendly’, but not sure I’m comfortable with that. Why not give monet to CAFOD instead? They do they same kind of work and they support our beliefs. x


CAFOD supports ABC i.e. Abstinence,Be Faithful,condoms. The latter part is not of course in line with Church teaching. This doesn’t seem to bother CAFOD, as they have decided they are better than the Catholic church when it comes to supporting these things. Faithful Catholics should not donate to them.


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