[UK] Councillor slams church advert as 'misogynistic' [because it stated it was looking for a male priest]


A councillor in Oxfordshire has called a job advert for a priest which says the church will only accept a man, “misogynistic”.

Susanna Pressel, a Labour city councillor for West Oxford said, “I was horrified to see this strange church persist with its antediluvian policy of opposing women priests.”

Ms Pressel continued: “St Barnabas Church would surely be a much better place if it had a woman priest. Some of the local people who have left might return, but we now see that the dinosaurs have won yet again.”


‘St Barnabas Church would surely be a much better place if it had a woman priest.’

My reply to this is ‘why is this so?’. Would it automatically be better if it had a black, white, African, English, Irish priest or one possessed of any of a million other qualities I could name. Surely the quality of the clergyman is not dependent entirely on such traits or qualities?

Susanna Pressel ends up almost satirising herself with her over reaction to a different point of view on an issue.


‘misogynistic’ is not a term applicable to this matter, which shows a lack of knowledge. We should be charitable to the ignorant and pray that she becomes enlightened.


Im assuming we aren[t talking about a Catholic church here right?


It’s an Anglican Church. Most Churches in the area are ok with female clergy, a minority are not apparently. Even then the article points out the Church in question has a female deacon. The Labour Councillor is not exactly pouring oil over troubled waters with her rhetoric on the issue which would likely to be sorted out ‘within the family’ as it were without this kind of noise making.


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