UK economy shrinks by four times as much as predicted as Brexit paralysis takes hold

The UK economy shrank 0.4 per cent in April as Brexit paralysis took hold following the proposed deadline for departure from the EU.

The latest monthly fall was four times larger than analysts had forecast and marked the second consecutive month of contraction for the UK’s economy after a 0.1 per cent drop in March.

Stockpiling of goods to deal with a disorderly Brexit on 29 March slowed down after deadline day was moved back to 31 October

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Well done chaps, as good old Jack said in Lord of the Flies: “after all, we’re not savages. We’re English; and the English are best at everything”.

And aren’t we just making a sterling job of this noble and enlightened enterprise in national self-determination? Makes one proud to be British, the eye almost waters. I feel like festooning myself in a Union Jack behind a great wall of gammon.


I would expect slower growth due to uncertainty, but that title is darn misleading.

Comparing 0.1 to 0.4% is still in the realm of noise, it’s not significant.
Just pure manipulation to present as 400% increase.


From the article, it looks like the (paltry) increase in loss was because the no-deal brexit was signaled but didn’t occur. So you could actually argue that things would be going smoothly if overt and covert Remainers hadn’t tried to sabotage the transition from day 1.


Maybe what Britain needs is out of the EU and into favorable trade arrangements with the U.S. and other non-EU countries. After all, the German economy (the central pillar of the EU) is shrinking too. That of the U.S. is growing.

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Well, there is some good news, it’s a great relief that (disgraced former Defence Secretary) Dr Fox, our esteemed Trade Secretary, has ensured that my prospective purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S11 next year will not be hampered by Brexit!

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Sneaked that one in well! A great wall of gammon is an awfully ugly picture - there are Gammon parties, you know. :scream:

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Decrease in growth is the result of uncertainty from Parliament failing to do anything, sending numerous mixed signals, and running right up to each of its deadlines before extending the exit timeline. It is not because leaving the EU is going to destroy the UK economy.

Oh god, my innocent brain doesn’t want to imagine what might go on at a gammon fest. I reckon it would scar me for the remainder of my life. Too much beer-bellied, pink flesh on show.

After all, they can be ‘first in line’. This seems to be the view of Trump and his administration regarding possible trade deals in the future.

A post that could be best be characterized as responding to some other thread and some other article, certainly not the one under discussion here.

Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

Interesting that you took it as flattery instead of hypocritical.

I’m just a perennial optimist. That’s me.

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Except that various Trump Administration figures have been hinting at ‘first in line for a trade deal’ ever since the Brexit vote.

So the post was quite apt.

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As you can imagine, I wouldn’t let a gammon into the house, just not Kosher.

Gammon parties seem to be doing rather well, lots of people seem to be opting for them. They’re organised down the 'Spoons, apparently, the chief landlord being a participating enthusiast.

I posted word for word what the Jharek posted on another thread. Seemed hypocritical to me is why I posted it.

It did need a little context, perhaps.

I quite like gammon, but there is gammon and gammon shall we say.

Indeed, I shall revise it accordingly

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