UK Has Record High Abortions

It is the highest number since the Abortion Act was introduced. The official annual report shows that the abortion rate was highest for women aged 22

( Evangelical Focus ) In 2019, there were 207,384 abortions of women resident in England and Wales, the highest number since the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967.

The figures have been made public by the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

The monarchy(William and Harry) are alway concerned about the environment and population growth.

When asked about conservation did not Prince Phillip say in an interview if he could come back in reincarnation, he would come back as a deadly virus(to reduce population).

Prince William and Harry are not collectively ‘the monarchy’. They are two individuals who happen to belong to the Royal Family, who have their own outlooks. Prince Philip likes winding up journalist and always has done and will always tend to answer such stupid questions with stupid answers.


They are the younger members of the monarchy and speak publicly on limiting family size and the environment.

Maybe it comes from the grandfather’s views.

Or maybe not. They have a variety of views and Prince Harry in particular is on the ‘outs’ at the moment with the ‘fam’.

Seems they have similar views.

Or may appear to at first glance.


Your own Guardian

Well that settles my hash then hey?

UK has a problem with abortion rates rising. Maybe you don’t see there is a link but it can’t help.

Yes in the UK people going for an abortion rely on the sage advice of 'Arry and Willie as their main factors in making decisions.


Constitutional monarchy is a very strange thing for those who don’t live under one.
“The monarch reigns but doesn’t rule” can be a bit of a headscratcher at first glance.

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Are we really trying to pin the reason for the increase in abortions to the royal family rather than ACTUAL issues like socioeconomic circumstances or relationship stability?


No but it doesn’t help when respected members of the monarchy take on a cause and it is population control and the environment. They do get press coverage.

I will say I have never heard the queen bring up population control. It is mainly William and Harry.

The details of the stats show abortion rates indeed, just like in the US, are higher in minority communities, though the US really has disparities. Progressive-ism on the march.

It makes zero difference what they do or don’t think. A woman finding herself pregnant is not going to be thinking ‘jeepers! I would probably keep this baby, but Prince Harry is a bit worried about the rainforest, so better not’.

In the real world, they worry about their jobs, their finances, the roof over their heads and affordable childcare.

The stats themselves show the biggest increase has been in the age 30-34 group. Something is fuelling the rise, and it’s not a royal family we keep for tradition and sake of appearance.

For starters, statutory maternity pay is only £600ish pounds a month. You don’t tend to care about ‘the environment’ when You literally can not afford to live on such a paltry amount.


It is not helping that William and Harry both have taken this as a cause.
There has been a whole movement by environmentalist that do not want children so they can save the planet.

They are ‘not helping’ in the same way that hot Summer weather or not being able to eat soft cheese is ‘not helping’ when women are pregnant - the impact those things have on a woman’s decision making process are so small and insignificant, it’s not worth much conversation.


Some very bizarre versions as usual of Britain emerging in these sort of threads.


No it is not. Take a fashion symbol, have Kylie Jenner wear it on her outfit, next day everyone has to have it.

The Monarch are people of influence and not just in the UK but othe places as we can see by the amount of press we get on them here. The Queen understood that and I would imagine that William and Harry both understand their role of influence.

Who’s Kylie Jenner then when she’s at home? Some American media personality.

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