UK: Immigrants to be forced to show they can speak English to gain citizenship

Immigrants will be forced to show they can speak English and understand the British way of life before they can gain citizenship in future.

Under proposals to be put before Parliament next week, new arrivals will also be required to contribute to a fund to be spent on lessening the impact of sudden mass immigration on local public services.

Ministers are keen that recent arrivals prove they can integrate into general British life, rather than just their own close community, before they are allowed to apply for a British passport.

(Excerpt)

Good for Parliament and the Ministers who support these measures. I can’t disagree with any of the proposals because in the long run they will help integrate people into the British culture. Each is very reasonable and rational and will benefit the citizens of Great Britain and the newcomers alike.

Here in the United States we have had similar laws on the books for decades. Unfortunately the social ills we face as a result of unrestricted immigration is because many in our three branches of government and the immigrant population itself choose to ignore our laws.

It won’t have a tremendous affect on most immigrants since they come from the Eastern European members of the EU and have every right to live in the UK on the same basis as UK nationals.

I’ve seen the questions that are asked in the “citizenship” test, and had a go at answering them. I failed the test! :confused:

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