UK Jubilee Mass

Just say, I found it incredibly heart warming to hear my priest today blessing Her Majesty as part of the liturgy today (after the main Trinity Sunday liturgy) on this special weekend of her Jubilee.
And to sing our National Anthem and Jerusalem in church was quite moving. God Bless you Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth :smiley:

Hope all the UK members here get a chance to sing along in her honour in Mass today.

We been saying the Jubilee prayer or rather the priest has since Janaury :slight_smile:

We did the first verse of the National Anthem and thankfully left Jerusalem as we finished of with a rousing hymn that took all our breath too, To God be the Glory.

Feel sorry for anyone Jubilee-ing today with this rubbish weather. We are having a meal in pub opposite next weekend and jubilee fuddle next day in parish centre. Though the bell ringers are doing a peel at 3pm. Sadly we are walking this aft so wont hear that bit but I need the walk more than I need to hear the peel really.

Don’t envy the Queen on the River. :smiley:

A Catholic priest blessing the Supreme Governor of the C of E?

A woman whose predecessors in office killed without mercy HIS predecessors in office? And when they could no longer kill them fined them and forbid them from all sorts of professions and public office?

A woman who even today presides over a throne that legally cannot be occupied by a Catholic or a person married to a Catholic?

A woman who rules a country still so bigoted against Catholics that poor Tony Blair was forced to wait until no longer Prime Minister before he felt able to safely convert to Catholicism?

Pray for her, yes. Congratulate her wholeheartedly in light of her remarkable achievement … umm … what exactly, besides being born to her particular parents and then staying alive long enough to sit on the throne to an advanced age, has she achieved? Congratulations anyway.

Bless her? Why? What blessings has she bestowed upon the Catholics of her realm when she permits them to still be so monstrously discriminated against?

Well, yes, but you are Church of England, are you not? I have to say, it would be better if you identified yourself as such, as some of the things you say could be misleading and taken as the (Roman) Catholic position.

I haven’t been to Mass yet today. I shall be shocked if we sing the National Anthem…

From the Catholic Church in England and Wales about Jubilee prayers

I am glad they are making an effort to celebrate the Jubilee. I haven’t been to Mass so I don’t know if my parish will do anything. It is after all a great occasion in our history and none of us will live to see another one.

God save the Queen!

You can’t blame the Queen for the sins of the people of the past. That is very unfair. Catholics persecuted Protestants and Protestants persecuted Catholics. The history on both sides is bloody. There is no point hanging on to the errors of the past when those who committed them have long since gone to their judgement.

There are actually processes in place to change the Act of Settlement to allow the monarch to be married to a Catholic, the realms have all agreed. The monarch must be an Anglican because the monarch is the head of that church. A Roman Catholic cannot be that.

Not to mention, the Queen is a figurehead. She has no real administrative power. The British attitudes towards Catholics are not her fault.

Blessings are not disposed on the basis of how nice the person in question has been to Catholics. There is nothing stopping Protestants from receiving blessings.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

What’s next, prayers for the repose of the soul of God’s servant the Emperor Nero, who His providence placed on the throne of Rome? Prayers in honour of all the good God-fearing Muslim crusaders who slaughtered Christians by the truckload?

Yes, I’m overreacting but I think the point still stands.

And yet she still chooses to be Supreme Governor of the Church of England. She could resign the title any time she wanted. I have a feeling Charles would do it immediately, because he is more genuinely unbigoted in matters of faith. And I’m sure the Archbishop of Canterbury would have no problems taking over immediately. It would completely remove the necessity for the crown to be tied in any way to such an arbitrary characteristic as religion.

And the proposed changes still mean real discrimination. Anyone who marries a Catholic
must at least agree to permit their children to be instructed in the Catholic faith and to receive the Catholic sacraments. That means anyone whose children will be in the immediate line of succession for the throne as a matter of practice would find it impossible to make the promises required to marry a Catholic. I don’t see any real potential for change here.

The Pope for his part, and his predecessor, have done an enormous amount to heal past hurts by acknowledging the harmful acts of past Popes - and clergy - towards various groups such as Jews and native peoples. My own country has similarly in recent years benefited. Y our PM apologizing for past mistreatment of native peoples.

No less should be forthcoming from the Queen. And if she did offer an apology and resign her office within the C of E it would do a huge amount towards making religious tolerance a reality where now the UK has a thin veneer of it only.

Put it this way. The monarch and heirs can really be married to almost anyone. Hindu or Muslim, atheist or Satanist. Any class, race or nationality of spouse. Heck, William could even have married another bloke rather than Kate if he’d wanted. Such is both legal and recognized by at least some sectors of the C of E.

None of these apparently would pose any legal problem to their inheritance of the throne. Catholicism apparently is more dangerous to the monarchy, more unBritish if you will, than anything else.

Bless her because people blame her for things like these that aren’t her fault.

I’m not going to a street party or anything because there aren’t any going on in my part of the country, and its pretty wet out, however I wish the Queen every blessing on this wonderful day, commemorating 60 years on the throne. It is a day of pride for all Britons who love the monarchy and their country.

So yes, I am watching the Jubilee celebrations on TV and I will raise a toast to her Majesty :thumbsup:

I have always admired her. She has been an excellent Christian Monarch. In an increasingly secularizing UK she is a rock of stability. Her Christmas message every year is about the most Christian thing to get on TV these days. God Bless her.

God Save Our Queen!!! :smiley:

What absolute nonsence. Put bigotry and discrimination in your own country in order first. Your own views are not shared by us British Catholics who were very happy to join in prayer for OUR Queen.

Amen :slight_smile: I think it is kind of offensive to say such things when one is not even a British Catholic :mad:

I think it’s fun :slight_smile:

I have sinned, and I still enjoy getting blessed- I probably need it more for that reason!

I think the member in question is well within her rights to criticize her head of state.

I agree that Charles seems to have a much fuzzier devotion to the Church of England, but I have not seen anything to suggest that he would abandon his duties toward it upon assuming the throne.

My apologies I have just realized that the lady in question is Australian :blush: I am a *dope

Nevertheless I do believe that there is a large Republican movement in Australia, which would perhaps account for some of the negative views of the Monarchy, as opposed to other Britons such as myself.

My husband is British and although we live in America we still ask God to bless the Queen. She is an amazing woman and when she passes it will be the end of the monarchy as we know it. I see nothing wrong with asking God to bless her. After all, aren’t we asked to wish everyone peace throughout the world?

Amen! :thumbsup:

Scriptures command us to respect and pray for the Emperor, whether that person is the Queen, the President, or anyone else. We don’t have to agree with their politics, but pray for enlightenment, guidance, and conversion.

What idiotic nonsense .

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