UK lawsuit gives details on Vatican’s controversial London building

I’ve seen a few articles on this over the past few months and honestly, I don’t understand what on earth is going on. Why is this purchase ‘controversial’. Can somebody explain it to me in simple language?

It’s very murky but the essence of it is that the secretariat concerned under the control of the now infamous ‘Cdl’ Becciu, (being investigated for possible bribes to Australian witnesses to secure Cdl Pell conviction)… channelled money collected around the world through Peters Pence, into Swiss banks in a sort of ‘off the books’ way and invested in London luxury apartment. Not only do people give to Peters Pence believing their money is used for the poor, but such an investment is not seemly for the Catholic Church. Here is an article from a year ago. Becciu denies, denies, denies even in the face of facts put before him.

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Thanks for explaining.

So to put it even more simply, Becciu has used PP funds to buy a lavish property in London, and it isn’t clear what the purpose of this is?

I wonder if this purchase something the Pope would need to be informed about, before it was done.

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