UK: Living in a De-Christianized Society [2009-07-05] [Zenit]

Britain’s Leaders Warn of the Loss of Common Values

By Father John Flynn, LC

ROME, JULY 5, 2009 ( The decline of Christianity and moral values in general is reaching new lows in Britain. While the number of faithful has been decreasing for some time now, warnings about the situation are starting to come from all quarters.

Britain is no longer a Christian nation, affirmed Anglican bishop, Paul Richardson, in an article published Jun. 27 in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

The Anglican prelate was also critical of his fellow bishops for not understanding just how serious the change is in contemporary culture, and for their lack of action in dealing with this serious crisis of faith. Only around 1% of Anglicans attend Sunday services on average, according to Richardson. “At this rate it is hard to see the church surviving for more than 30 years though few of its leaders are prepared to face that possibility,” he warned.


Wow! :eek: I had no idea it was that bad.

Is it fair to conclude that Anglicanism is dead in Britain?

Oh wow! I’m right with ya, Evangel. It’s just frightening…:frowning:

One percent attendance? wow, that’s pretty shocking. Tracking church attendance is notoriously difficult, but if those figures come from the COE itself, they’re probably accurate.I wouldn’t be surprised if North America has similar figures in a generation. Just looking at my own family, I can only think of three or four out of the whole extended family who are churchgoers. I wasn’t surprised to see Richard Dawkins pop his grotty little head up either. Dawkins always characterises himself as an agnostic, not as a positive atheist who actively disbelieves in God, but his actions give the lie to that claim. I actually sort of like Christopher Hitchens and a few of the other popular atheist writers for some strange reason, even though I disagree with their atheism. Hitchens is sort of charming, but Dawkins has always seemed very sinister to me, I don’t know why.

Part of this may be because the Church of England is the established church. Everyone is assigned to “C of E” unless they deliberately choose otherwise. Hence in England “C of E” includes a great many people who would be “no denomination” in other countries. That mass of default members can distort some statistics.


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