UK lobbying US to end ban on importing haggis


Fox News:

UK lobbying US to end ban on importing haggis

The British government has dispatched its Environment Secretary to Washington to try and convince the Obama administration to lift a 43-year-old ban on importing haggis. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson was due to meet with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in an effort to show that British meat is safe to consume.

Haggis, the Scottish delicacy consisting of a sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver simmered with onion, oatmeal, suet, and spices in a sausage casing – or sheep’s stomach for the traditionalists – was embargoed by the U.S. in 1971 as part of a blanket ban on foods containing sheep’s lung. In 1989, an outbreak of mad cow disease in the U.K. meant that the import ban was extended to all beef and lamb products.

Sky News reports that Paterson is hoping that the U.S. can lift its ban as part of negotiations toward a trade deal between the U.S. and the European Union that could be worth $17 billion to the British economy.

Wait, it’s made out of what?
I figure if people want this stuff (and pay for it!) let them.


cant see why people would want to eat it, my nan was scottish and she never ate it, im certainly not going to and im for London. I could think of better things to eat.


Ban or no ban, I think I’ll pass on the sheep hotdogs.


I wonder what it tastes like. I would try it but I’m up for almost anything. :smiley:


Well, at least I know my gag reflex is working!


[/LIST] undoubtedly the most important issue ever posted here. thank you for bringing this important injustice to light.


If you like organ meat (liver, steak and kidney pie, etc), it is VERY tasty. Kind of like liver and onions, but more oat-y. I hope this ban is lifted, I’d like to get my teeth into a proper haggis. :smiley:


I’ve had it twice and it’s alright. Kinda like soupy meatloaf. I probably wouldn’t pay to have it imported though.


Soupy meatloaf? I will definitely pass.


I’ve never had it, but I’d try it if it was a traditional recipe and prepared fresh. Seems to me to be not much different – ingredient-wise – from anything we currently call “sausage”.

I do remember seeing a canned version in a specialty store, the label proclaiming “With Extra Skin!” :eek:


And people complain about English food? I guess the Scots are still competitive in every category. Now I understand why the British kept invading France for centuries–they wanted some decent food.


And why, by contrast, they put a wall between themselves and Scotland and said, ‘Don’t go there!’ :smiley:

(My ancestors were Scottish, and my husband is Scottish. He also does not eat haggis, although he does like blood pudding, and oatmeal.)


The Romans built the wall and that was before they had all that great pasta as an option. The poor Romans had all that garlic and no pasta to go with it. They invaded lots of places, but probably stopped at the Scotish border because they could not live off the land there. The Yelp ratings were terrible.


As much as I do like it, I see the haggis as evidence for the assertion that most of Scottish culture is based on a dare. :smiley:




OH, totally! :slight_smile:

Most people consider hauling telephone poles around to be difficult work, but Scottish people throw them around for fun, on national holidays. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haggis is gorgeous…if done properly


Please wait whilst I put on my angry hat!

Who complains about our great culinary delights? The finest cheeses known to man (and none of it from a can!)…fine meats, crisp vegetables…gorgeous beer…you will get no complaints from me.

France invaded us!!! Remember 1066…thankfully they kept most of their ‘gastronomie’ to themselves…as a Brit, the thought of eating such delicacies as Tetines (cow’s udder), or Ris de Veau (calf’s pancreas) is abhorrent.

And haggis tastes like burger haha…and they both probably have very similar ingredients :eek:


Soupy meatloaf? You mean soupy as in soup?

It’s nothing like soup. It’s like meaty and oatyish.


I mean wetter and less solid than meatloaf.

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