UK Muslim Leader Calls for Assassination of Pope


Muslim freinds,
Is this how the majority of Muslims think?

UK Muslim leader Anjem Choudary called for the execution of Pope Benedict XVI, on Sunday. His call for the pope’s demise came during a Muslim protest of the pope at London’s Westminster Cathedral.

God bless,


Arrest him. Give him a hearing in the morning. Then deport him instantly. Let them know if they pull this kind of thing in civilized countries they will be kicked out immediately.


No! Don’t deport him. Put him in jail for inciting violence and never let him see the light of day again.


Nah, just deliver him into my care. I will torture him with continuous readings from the New Testament.:stuck_out_tongue:


“The Pope said we are violent, so let’s kill him.”

Modern Muslim philosophy at it’s finest. :rolleyes:


Ah yes, the “peaceful” religion rears it head again.


Evidently they were so incensed at being described as prone to violence that they had to immediately resort to threats of violence.


I don’t see that any Muslims have responded to this post. They have been very active on other threads, so I hope we hear from them. It will be telling, no?


These are the people who freaked out and rioted over a cartoon.

I don’t expect reasoned responses to anything anymore.


the problem is that muslims have a victim mentality. they live in the past, all they talk about is the crusades and all these ‘innocent’ muslims were killed, etc. but they don’t live in the present, where it’s the muslims are killing innocents, christian and muslim. they feel humiliated and threatened, and so wheneer someone says something bad about islam or their prophet, they get violent. christians had a reformation, it’s time for islam to have one as well


Well, it is pretty disappointing, but what’s new? I was so wound up about this the other night, I couldn’t fall asleep until 3:30 a.m. I read too many upsetting posts!


Good point Guardian!


Let’s not confuse the Crusades with terrorism or the kind of violence that muslims can be prone to. Too many Catholics and Christians mistakenly liken the two. The Crusades were a morally justified response to muslim aggression. What muslims are doing now is just more of the same aggression, just with modern techniques and weapons.

I pray that the Pope offers no further apology and stands strong in his faith. I pray that Catholics and Christians of all denominations stand strong in their Christian beliefs. We dare not waver, less we prove once again to the muslims that we are not strong enough to withstand their attacks.

I do not suggest to attack muslims unprovoked. I do, however, suggest we begin to defend ourselves with every ounce of Spirit in our Souls, every bit of energy in our bodies, and the strength of faith that Catholics should have.


The deafening silence of Muslims says all we need to know on this issue.


pira, first of all the crusaders did commit atrocities. when they took jerusalen (in 1099, i believe) they put 70,000 civilians to the sword, jews, christians and muslims. the crusades for christians are ancient history. but to the muslim, they are fresh in their mind. and even though it was muslims who started this war, they see us (even american muslims see it this way) as crusaders fighting against islam.


I think that the man should be arrested and deported.


for criticizing islam? then everybody (myself included) should be arrested for what we say on WI. that’s silly meedo and you know it. everyone is entitled to their opinion. or did you forget the words of the prophet “there is no compulsion in religion”. yet every time i turn around, my brothers want to cut someones throat for not being a muslim or for insulting islam. how can a man (or woman) insult God? it might hurt His feelings, but can it stop Him from carrying out his plan?


I didnt mean the Pope Guardian i meant the man who threatened him :rolleyes:


oops, looks like i need another butt whoopin’, sorry


deport the man and all his followers. Please give us news about what will happen to him.

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