UK Officer Tells Preachers: Converting Muslims "Hate Crime"

Thoughts? Comments?

The real “Hate Crime” here is against Christianity. :mad:

The Daily Mail and lifesitenews - now there’s a recipe for calm introspection.

So. What you are essentially saying is that, if it does not have the leftist (Marxist) spin of the MSM, it is not reliable or valid? Or, are you saying that Christians do not have the right to evangelize?

As I said in my blog, Maybe it is Time for Another “Crusade”.

I was suggesting that the Daily Mail and lifesitenews were not a combination for calm introspection.

Have you access to a random cliché generator or something? It’s rather good, isn’t it?

That is an insult. Those are my thoughts and they are the truth. Unlike some may accuse, we who are not leftists do think for ourselves.

You will not hear about these incidents from the MSM since they do not put Christianity in a bad light. The MSM is hostile towards Christianity. That is why we need real news sources like LifeSiteNews and the likes.

Well, when you decide not to shout slogans at me, I might even discuss something with you.

Really? When did I shout? Unlike it seems to be in the UK, I am still entitled to say the truth.

How about addressing the article on its merits, instead of attacking someone who posted it. By attacking him, you basically say you have found nothing in the article to refute.

It is my considered opinion that the UK (and other countries in Europe) have turned into spineless wimps as regards the moslem pestilence that is spreading in their lands. Brits used to be the freest, most independent people in Europe. Now they are the most regulated, surveilled people anywhere. The government confiscated all their firearms, installed thousands of surveillance cameras, banned even pocket knives and yet they are inundated with crime, especially among the african and middle eastern immigrants that they unwisely let into their country. So now, preaching the Gospel is a “hate crime” and now there are “no-go” areas in Great Britain. Sharia law is next and the UK will be lost to the Islamic cancer. Pray for them.

Moslem pestilence??? Is that how Christ taught us to speak about other human beings??

I don’t have to agree with their faith to believe that they are human beings created in the image and likeness of God.

You heard me correctly. Pestilence.

Who Would Jesus Call Pestilence???

Yes we heard your BS correctly sadly enough the first time. But your posts show you have never worked or lived here and you ability to comment on what happens in the UK is therefore very limited. You post shows you have limited understanding of the nuances or traditions of the UK and are fudging a load of issues together into one many of which predate Muslims been in the country in any large numbers. Nor did the underlying racism escape my notice either …

There are real issues of culture clash here and multi-cultuarialsm as an ideology has pluses and minuses to it but a man who calls other people en masse a pestilence and complains about a similar attitude in those he is applying that term to obviously think irony means something made of a ferrous material.

I wonder what logical system that response works in?

I see very clearly what is happening in the UK. Instead of pestilence, how about “brood of vipers?”

You can only see and presume to comment in any deep sense if you come and live here. Otherwise you are like those here who try and sum up the complexity that is the USA in simplistic terms like ‘war-mongering’ or ‘shallow’. The reality is obviously rather more complex than that and your posts about the UK are as equally reductionist and redundant. Plus the hint of racism and bigotry in them leaves a bad taste in the mouth…

Hmm, it has to be said that those sorts of things sounded much more dramatic in German.

more dramatic, yeah, more sensible, no :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great language to be cross in, German.

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