UK Police Instructed Not to Interfere with the "Human Right" of Anonymous Public Sex

By Kathleen GilbertLANCASHIRE, United Kingdom, October 17, 2008 ( - Public homosexual activity in parks and public bathrooms must not be impeded by law enforcement officials except as a last resort, says a new set of draft guidelines for UK police.Deputy Chief Constable Michael…

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Thanks for the warning to stay out of parks if I visit the UK.

We were discussing on another thread the tactic of the homosexual promoters are to always issue personal attacks for religious belief. Dr. Dobson believes based on classic Christian belief that homosexual relations are a sin and gets labeled a “shameful bigot.” The intolerance of the gay lobby shows again.

Remind me to wash my hands if I ever pass through.

I can see the lawsuit for discrimination of heterosexual couples, bestiality…what next. Who is writing these laws?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph protect family’s eyes from these abominations

And the slippery slope to the the implosion of society continues

have They Completely Lost Their Everlovin’ Minds???

New guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers suggest that officers should turn a blind eye to offenders unless members of the public complain.

Even then it recommends attempting to “inform and dissuade” the culprits rather than arresting and charging them.

Officers are also being told to reduce “knee jerk” reactions when they catch homosexual men in public lavatories and not to treat them differently to heterosexual couples.

I agree that homosexual couples shouldn’t be treated differently than heterosexual couples. And if the UK is similar to the US, then a double standard does exist, with heterosexual couples getting a slap on the wrist.

But I do think that public sex needs to be actively discouraged and not simply tolerated. I hope these draft guidelines are revised.

Isn’t “anonymous public sex” an oxymoron?

Oxymoron’s pretty applicable; they’re certainly morons…

As I walk through the valley of death I shall not be afraid because You are with me.

Seems I remember reading something like this somewhere in the Bible. The results weren’t to pleasant as I recall.:rolleyes:

I can hardly wait until Britain becomes an Islamic state.It’s inevitable and when Sharia law applies to every British Subject we’ll see how long this nonsense is tolerated.It would almost be worthwhile paying dhimmitude.I wonder if God might use the horror of Islam to chastise these foolish nations,mine included.:mad:

Britain is not going to become an Islamic state, you will see I have theological objections to Islam and disagree with Muslims on many grounds but Britain is not going to become a Muslim state. That is silly scare mongering and it is amazing how many people here are experts on British society without living here! Nearly as many seem to be experts on American society without living there on the other side of the coin I note.

Whistling past the graveyard?You’ve already had Sharia law approved.Many Muslims in Britain have no interest in integrating.Haven’t most of your Islamic terrorists been homegrown?Ours certainly have been.Many Muslims live in “little Pakistans” dotted all around your country.The British as we are,are aborting themselves out of existance,the Muslims certainly are not.A friend of mine is a VERY moderate Muslim but he is quite open about the fact that he considers himself a pioneer and that Islamification is inevitable.Wake up and smell the curry.(apologies to Ann Landers)

Firstly I’m not British, I’m a citizen of the Republic of Ireland but I’ve lived in Britain for more time than I have back in Ireland. Secondly, wake up and smell the curry is a remark which is er, dubious to say the least. In addition Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds in Britain not just Pakistan by any means and they are not some unified homogenous group on all issues as you will find Turkish Muslims to be far more secular and many of them intermarrying with the locals and not been outstandingly pious either. You would also find there is a large Bangladeshi community which while generally more devout than the Turkish one has it’s own severe disagreements with the Pakistani community (hardly suprising given the history of those two states in relation to one another).

You betray an ignorance of Britain or British culture or social realities in your remarks. I am reminded of the trash talking about Irish Catholics from a hundred years or so ago and the contempt they were held in by many…

Finally Sharia law has not been approved in the UK , this is a bizarre and unwarranted claim based no doubt around Rowan William’s remarks on the subject.

That there are real conflicts of identity and culture is undeniable - that we are all about to be overwhelmed by an Islamic tide is blatant scare-mongering and hysteria.

I am NOT scaremongering.I have eyes,I can see ,I can read.Please reread my post-I did NOT exclude my own SECULARIST country from this possibility(more likely probability)Even in my country people are terrified of offending the Muslims.I recently asked a retailer why he felt so free to vend priest,monk,and nun costumes for halloween but did not sell Imam costumes.He just laughed.Wake up and smell the curry is a reference to Ann Landers,“wake up and smell the coffee” a gentle exhortation that she employed to get people to get their heads out of the sand.Ann Landers was an Advice Maven and her column was syndicated throughout North America.I did not intend the use of the phrase to be dubious or heaven forbid even racist,if that’s what you are inferring.I merely intended to turn a cute or clever phrase.See the threat for what it is.Wherever Islam brushes up against civilization violence erupts.

We have approximately the same proportion of Muslims in Ireland as in Britain now and I have yet to notice civilisation crumbling there either when I go to see relatives - oh certainly you get some stupid remarks from people from both sides of the divide just like here but the reality is most of the Muslims like most Christians are more worried about putting food on the table for their families and their kids doing well.

Ann Landers is not my cup of tea and her opinions are not of any more particular worht or relevance than my own merely because they were syndicated. There are genuine issues of concern as I when Islam and Christianity meet and there is distortion and misunderstanding from both sides (not least we have seen here in this forum where some Muslims struggle with the concept that western goverments are not avowedly Christian - a difficult concept i have found for some Muslim posters here to grasp)

But Muslims comprise about 2.7 per cent of the British populace - for heaven’s sake 390,000 people put down Jedi Knight in the last census as their religion making it technically the fourth biggest faith here. The govt. should have no interest in what religion it’s citizens are beyond ensuring no-one is allowed to preach or practise violence in the name of ANY faith against members of ANY other faith.

I work with Muslims every day, some are devout, some markedly not - they are not clones but are individuals with individual outlooks.

I referred to the late Ms.Landers not as an authority but as the originator of the quote that I bastardised.As for the rest we’ll just have to see,won’t we.I suggest you read a little Mark Steyn at SteynOnline in the interim.Ciau.:smiley:

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