UK Pro-life charity relieved Tony Nicklinson, who died on Wednesday, lost his legal assisted suicide case

UK Pro-life charity SPUC has welcomed a decision from the High Court rejecting the assisted suicide requests of two men with locked-in syndrome.

Tony Nicklinson (right), 58, and a second man known as Martin, 47, mounted legal challenges in an attempt to secure immunity from prosecution for any professional who helped them to die.

After losing his case at the High Court last Thursday, Mr Nicklinson urged MSPs to back Independent MSP Margo MacDonald’s bid to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland. He died of natural causes on Wednesday, his family said.

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R.I.P Tony Nicklinson. :gopray2:

I feel so bad for people who are going through things like this. Punishing someone for helping a patient die in accordance with their wishes is tragic. We even give our animals the dignity of a painless death when they are living a life of suffering with absolutely no hope.

I guess that these stories may affect me so much because of how much I fear ending up like that. I worked in a nursing home in high school, and every day sad, lonely, people in a lot of pain would beg me to kill them. I don’t ever want that to be me.

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