UK public supports bakers in ‘gay cake’ row, poll shows

A survey has suggested that two-thirds of the public believe businesses have a right to decline orders which conflict with their religious beliefs

The general public have indicated that they believe business owners should not face legal action for declining customer requests which conflict with their religious beliefs.

A survey conducted by ComRes of 2,000 adults showed that 65 per cent of participants believed that Christian bakers who declined to produce a cake bearing the words “support gay marriage” should not be taken to court.

That’s very encouraging.

A subtle, but crucial, aspect of this case for those not from the UK is that the bakers in question did not “refuse to make a cake for gay customers”, but refused to make a cake which featured a political slogan supporting a campaign to legalize gay “marriage”. It was nothing to do with the customers being gay, but focused entirely on a bakery being forced to support a political campaign which went against the owners’ religious beliefs.

They had no problem making any other cake which didn’t feature the slogan… and yet they were still convicted and fined!

It was the same in similar cases in the U.S.: the refused to endorse the ceremony, not to service a person.

Indeed. :thumbsup:

Finally a hope of reversal of lunatic liberal nonsense.


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