UK raises terror threat level to 'severe' following deadly attacks in Europe

UK raises terror threat level to ‘severe’ following deadly attacks in Europe

Second highest threat level indicates an attack is ‘highly likely’

The United Kingdom has raised its terror threat level to “severe” following recent attacks in Austria and France that authorities have linked to Islamic extremism.

The threat level of severe means an attack is considered highly likely. It is the country’s second-highest level. The level had previously been at “substantial,” meaning an attack is likely.

Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted Tuesday that the move was a “precautionary measure and is not based on any specific threat.”


We may go into this direction, in fact, it seems on election day, we know crowds may well be out later on. Peace for everyone. I hope the UK stays well and probably the right thing to do.

I’m sure that all of Europe is in high alert.
The Charlie Hebdo trial has stirred up even greater unrest in the muslim world.

Archbishop Le Gall must not realize that he is a walking talking kaafar regardless of what he says about cartoon caricatures.

Hoping and praying the trial and outcome is fair and a clear message without fear of intimidation is made.

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