UK Supreme Court rules Brexit requires vote by Parliament


UK Supreme Court rules Brexit requires vote by Parliament


It’s called shooting yourself in the foot. Dumb, painful, but not fatal.


That’s not good, the UK should be wary, as this is how they tried to get same sex marriage through in Australia.

The good news is for the UK, that they already voted to leave, so if they somehow find a loophole to renege on that, then it will be clear what the go is. It would be very silly of the parliament to dismiss the will of the people and vote remain I think.

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If Parliament holds this up, it will be chaos in the next election and very, very good for UKIP.


Hope so.

I’m just hoping Malcolm Turnbull is seeing what is happening and starting to wake up, fortunately in Australia we resisted this new Godless radical ideology a bit that has swept across the west, but it’s still very much impacted us including our current Prime Minister, who we voted for in order to try and avoid it.

We are in our pre-Trump and pre-Farage stage, and hopefully if Malcolm Turnbull and the majority of the Liberal party come back, we won’t have to worry about it, I’m hoping he will, but it will all depend on Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal party unfortunately.

I voted Tony Abbot (Liberal Party) and he was pretty good I thought, but then the Liberal party put in Malcolm Turnbull and the next election was between Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal Party) and Bill Shorten (Labor Party), and Shorten was going to institute same sex marriage within 100 days of being elected and open our borders, so I essentially had to go for Turnbull and hope for the best due to a lack of options.

So yea, please pray for Australia too if you get a chance.

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If things continue the way they have for UKip over the last 12 months we can expect its leadership to change about 15 times before the next election and a loss of members at the rate of 20%. Still, they might double their number of MPs …from 1 to 2. :smiley:


Nobody is suggesting that it would be held up - besides exit has to happen before the next election in 2020 - but due process must be followed through Parliament. Mrs May is now proposing a White Paper which is perfectly correct.


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