UK Teacher's Guidelines to "Promote Equality and Value Diversity" will Violate

By Hilary White LONDON, March 4, 2009 ( - Christians and other religious groups say they are concerned about the implications of a new “Code of Conduct and Practice” for UK schools telling teachers that they must “promote equality and value diversity.” The…

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Another example of Socialist micromanagement and interference.

bullying should never be acceptable in any society, but to dictate the gay lifestyle as moral and appropriate should be taught…no way.

If you walked through a high school hallway, and heard how many times people throw around phrases like “that’s so gay”, or “don’t be a f____/d____”, you’d understand why specific action in that area is necessary.

Whenever you hear the terms “promote equality” and “value diversity”, look out! The political correctness police will be right behind.

Agreed. It just a scam so they can promote their perverted disorders. These edicts must actively suppressed.

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