UK: Television personalities on the air argue over whether God should be called male or female--or if this question should even be raised


“Host Piers Morgan expressed his frustration that the gender of God was even a subject for debate and said that society was being ‘coerced’ into thinking that a male God was ‘offensive.’”

“Broadcaster Rae Duke responded to Morgan’s question by claiming that it was ‘important that we correct that injustice’ of God traditionally being described in male terms.”

“Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, who is a Catholic, said she did not think it was offensive to speak of God in male terms.”

“‘I don’t think it’s remotely offensive. In fact I’ve never heard such nonsense,’ she said,” turning to the New Testament where God is called “he.”


Heck, didn’t the Lutherans in Sweden vote last year to use gender neutral language when speaking about God?




Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father”, that’s what He should be called.


This is one of the constant repeat questions that every new generation asks and have to ask it seems. If they haven’t heard the reasons three years or 10 years ago then they have to ask. It sure gets tiring for those who have heard the question 50 times already, but if it is a different person asking, then we have to answer as if it was the first one who did.


The terms are He, Pater and the Heavenly Father in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father.

People that don’t like it need to quit wasting their time and get over it.


We could rename it to Our Gender Non-Conforming Caregiver.


As has been said already we were taught to say Our Father.

It’s part of a far wider issue though as I’m sure we all know. Women are great, men are great, people are great. I think that often people who want to exaggerate differences between people are really looking to accentuate their own superiority in some way. This is a base thing isn’t it?
Our Father knows us all and it’s for Him to judge us surely.


Or they might like Non-Binary Partner of Mankind. Excuse me, Non-Binary Partner of Peoplekind


I would say only in the UK but it seems the world has also gone crazy on this nonsense.

My opinion is I am calling God by what He said to call Him. As to what he really is… I doubt my (or anyone else on earth)'s mind can comprehend what He is, so that and possibly other reasons are why He chose to be called He. He is the boss of things, so I for one am not arguing with that. I also add, what a ridiculous thing to argue about, that is why I dont watch tv…(you can’t see me but be assured eye rolling is going on)…


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