UK to be hit with ‘very hefty’ Brexit bill, says Juncker

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UK to be hit with ‘very hefty’ Brexit bill, says Juncker

Britain will have to pay a “very hefty” bill to leave the European Union and negotiating a new relationship with the bloc will take years, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned today (21 February).

Prime Minister Theresa May hopes to trigger the Brexit negotiations by the end of March following the shock referendum in June last year.

“It will be a difficult negotiation that will take years for us to agree on the exit terms and on the future architecture of relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union,” Juncker told the Belgian parliament.

“The British must know – and they know it already – that it will not be at a discount or zero cost,” the former Luxembourg premier said in his hour-long speech.

“The British are expected to respect the commitments they made. And so the bill, to say it a bit coarsely, will be very hefty,” added Juncker…


To paraphrase “hell hath no fury like an EU scorned.”


Serves them right. National pride should have a cost.



Juncker’s position has consistently been hardline and aimed towards “punishing” the UK for daring to question the ideology of achieving an ever-closer European Union at any cost, and as a result he has been reigned in several times by the French and German governments who, after all, stand to suffer the consequences of Juncker’s failure to secure a mutually beneficial deal. France and Germany are the only countries keeping the EU afloat, and a bad Brexit deal would hurt their economies as much as it would hurt the UK’s.


Wow what’s the cost for being proud of America?


I have to wonder, if the cost of exit out of the EU was fully explored by members, before they joined. I suppose the cost of exit could only be estimated, and those costs may very per country etc.

If the cost for exit could possibly be known, were citizens of the UK informed ahead of the vote? If not, it seems to me that the English Parliament decision to block Brexit might be well founded. Is the issue too complicated for the average citizen to make an informed decision?

On the other hand… and this is all supposition on my part to begin with, but if the Brexit decision stands, Junker is making the EU sound less like a economic, security partnership and more like the Hotel California. What a mess.


The cost of the Great Wall of Trump, for starters, as Mexico will never pay for it; nor should they.

The cost of the rescension of NAFTA, should it come to that.

No doubt there will be other costs by 2024.



The Wall is a positive thing! We have every right to secure our borders for the safety of the people. NAFTA was just horrible and needs to go!
I’m not seeing any bad things here


Yes, sometimes the right thing is expensive.

Now about that wall…


I am not sold on a “wall” and I am not sold on “no wall” either.

But Geddie. I see you said (concerning President Trump’s US-Mexico purposed border wall) . . .

Mexico will never pay for it; nor should they

Where are your posts for the USA paying (at least 75 million dollars) for Mexican southern border security?

The US is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing illegally into Mexico.

I suppose you can argue that this will help US security (but someone could argue that a US-Mexico wall could ALSO help Mexican security too).

But as I said, I am not necessarily disagreeing with you here.

I just have my own set of reservations both pro and con on this subject.

God bless.



“National pride” is also such a relative term. The modern notion of nation states is quite young. Nation states as we know them today have morphed and evolved over time. The sovereignty of any given people has never been a fixed or permanent status…never…and never will be…as the centuries roll on nation states will continue to morph…shrinking, expanding, merging, collapsing. California was one proud to be Spanish. Now its proud to be American. These things change…
As a British Columbian I’m proud to be a Canadian. …but that’s just an accident of history. BC only agreed to join the, then new, Dominion of Canada on the condition that the Dominion build a railroad across the continent connecting the West Coast with the East. If that hadn’t happened, perhaps those of us born here in BC would be proud to be Americans. That’s all national pride is…accidents of history…


I’m sure some in the Prairies would love the idea of BC joining the states. That would have yielded a Trudeau government five to ten seats shy of a majority.:wink:


Could have happened…back in 1870. But that ship has sailed I think. But hey…at least Alaska would have been connected to the rest of the Union.


Divorce is never a pleasant or clean affair and in this relationship the EU is the partner wearing the trousers.

So what else should we have expected?

We’re the ones suing for a split after 40 years of marriage - in which we have benefited very well from the relationship - and the divorce settlement will be messy before it can get anywhere near being amicable again.

Britain alleges that the EU has become an insufferably overbearing spouse and has refused to give Britain the space Britain wants in their relationship, whereas the EU was more easy-going in the early days; the EU is upset, contending that Britain has been spoilt by the EU financially and yet has always moaned about their relationship, tried to avoid shouldering the burdens fairly and never told the EU that Britain loved the EU but was really, all along, only in it for the money. And so on and so forth.

Cue the biggest divorce in modern history, as the children look on in dismay. If only we’d joined under a good old “pre-nup”, eh? :wink:

It happens. :cool:


The bus has indeed sailed. But I doubt BC as an American state was ever going to happen.



I don’t believe a wall is needed and think NAFTA is/was a good thing.

But I have no opinion about what is spent on border security. My only point is that Mexico is not going to pay for any wall, full stop. If it is worth having, our citizens should be happy to pay for it.



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