UK trad forum, recruits wanted!

If it isn’t too cheeky… Here’s a little plug for Ignis Ardens, which is a UK based traditional Catholic forum!

All are welcome to join and participate!

Triumpha (aka Clare)

:slight_smile: Yo Triumpha!

I’m taking the liberty of sharing a little personal history with you:

Far away and long ago (circa 1980), in response to a request from a sibling, I direct dialed your oh-so-famous “Brompton Oratory” from the Rocky Mountains.

Their phone rang. An aged and trembling voice (male) answered.

I didn’t want to waste time, so I asked him:

“Hey, I’m here in America, and as my brother is on his way over, I’d wanted to ask you for the time of your Tridentine Latin Mass.”

Oh, boy!:smiley:

My answer? A shocked moment of silence.

Then the poor old fellow really lost it.

“My deah-sirra – nowhere in the UK is THAT Mass ever said, who gave you THIS number?”

I started to tell him of the traditional British Jesuit priest who regularly sent my mother a fantastic little magazine he was publishing with what he called, conscientously putting the Latin phrase on the cover of each edition, **cum permisum superiorum **, or some such thing.

Really, I’m sure it was his little magazine that published a Brompton Oratory add.

So, let’s just say I learned my lesson, Triumpha!

In the absence of former intelligence agents (or maybe just the one) who had cut their teeth in combat in the Reds’ famous “Legions of Babel” in the Spanish Civil War – by now I’m sure gone – who would you rate the sharpest sword in the UK traditionalist scabbard today?

“The Dean of St. Pauls?”:wink:

Anyway. thanks for the link! I’ll check it out!


That’d be the late Fr Paul Crane SJ and Christian Order, right?!




I had the same experience calling the London Oratory about the TLM about two years ago. But a few months ago, I happened to walk in to the Oratory on a Saturday, and saw not one, but TWO TLMs being celebrated on side altars simultaneously.

I have a feeling they were told to keep quiet about private Masses.

:slight_smile: Wow!

Double-shot: Triumpha and AlexB.

Both of you are right on target.

In fact, my late brother more or less figured this the same as you, AlexB, and when he came back here to America, told us so.

Triumpha, I couldn’t for the life of me remember if Fr. Crane’s publication was “Christian Order” or “Christiandom,” as my mom got both.

Funny thing, how could I have forgotton tough old Father Houghton, author of the 1984 bombshell, Miter and Crook, about the best (if not the only) truly “traditional Catholic novel?”

Would you believe it? One of my best friends cooled his heels for a while (7 years) as a monk at La Bourrou (sp?) and, as a consequence, got to participate in Father Houghton’s funeral.

Take it or leave it, but that generation of British traditional Catholic priests were a breed apart, much like their American counterparts.

Thirty years ago I spent many a pleasant Sunday afternoon after Mass smoking my pipe with old Father Placid White, OSB.

Raised a Protestant orphan, Fr.Placid fought as an enlisted man in the British army on the Austro-Italian Front in WW I, and after converting to Catholicsm and becoming a Benedictine priest, as a British Army Chaplain in northeast Africa in WW II, before coming to America.

Hearing from you guys makes my day!


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