UK vocations list


Are you only posting orders and congregations who have a website?

The Community of St John have a priory for contemplative nuns in Northern Ireland (Derry), but no website except the very poor global one

They also accept vocations for apostolic sisters from the UK but have no base here. Their formation houses are in France, the Philippines and Cameroon. Their website is slightly better and there is a link to who they are in English.

Both branches are growing fast and, from what little I know, attracting many vocations.

If you have an address, I can add them.

Please feel free to join our UK list:


Contemplative Sisters of St. John
10 Belvoir Park
Derry BT48 8PQ
Northern Ireland
Tel: 44 28 71 35 34 14

I’ll check out the group and join when I can get myself a yahoo account. Thanks for the info.

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