UK: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to offer all catholic authored property back to The Holy Catholic Church

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to offer all catholic authored property back to The Holy Catholic Church.

I know it probably won’t happen but we may as well sign.

(I hope this is the right forum for this.)

I think this is just as likely as the United States returning the 13 colonies to Britain. It would be good if Catholic property taken over by the Anglican Church under Henry VIII was returned, as far as I am concerned, but what chance is there of this?

That’d be good too. Does the White House have a petition website?

Perhaps when England converts it’ll happen, and England’ll have to convert one of these days considering all the Prayers for England that have been sent up to Our Lady.
Also, in the next half century or so the Church will recover from the present crisis and begin to get a significant number of converts again and the Anglican Communion will collapse completely, it’s all coming together!

Westminster Cathedral is NOT under the control of the Church of England (if it is, I should think it would come as a shock to the Archbishop of Westminster). Westminster ABBEY is a royal peculiar and thus under the direct control of the Queen of England, so it is now used for Anglican services.

The petition could be worded more precisely (though I doubt anyone is going to take it seriously anyway). Why would the petitioners have not included Christ Church Cathedral, Canterbury as an example?

Yes, that was a bit stupid, but none the less, let’s all sign anyway.

And while they’re at it hey can hand over St Paul’s too. :smiley:

The current building has always been Anglican!:smiley: And given the current state of the Anglican Communion, well, we’d have to take mop buckets of holy water to the place before we could use it.

Perhaps we could sent in a squad of exorcists. :smiley:

They could be like the A Team in cassocks!

Move over, John Constantine, and/or the Winchester Brothers! :: Laughs::

On a serious note, I wish I lived in the UK so I could sign that petition.

I just thought of Mr T saying Mass.

:highprayer: I pity the foo’ who don’t have mercy on us, I PITY THE FOO’!!

(with his massive bling cricifixes)

That was my next mental image. :: Laughs::

I don’t think he’d say that (indirectly insulting the Lord?)

I do imagine him saying

:highprayer: “I pity da foo’ who don’t repent!”

I don’t know, he doesn’t seem the holiest of chaps.

Imagine him in the confessional… :eek:

Anyway, the petition has now closed with the amazing amount of 15 signatures.

Sadly (and surprisingly!) I don’t think it’s had much of an effect!

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