UK will retain access to the EU single market: Brexit leader Johnson

And so he’s now recognising how essential it is for our economy! :shrug:

How are we going to Remain part of the EU single market but not accept free movement of people?

And what are the hard-core Leavers going to think about all of this? Its the biggest cluster **** I’ve ever witnessed…

UK will retain access to the EU single market: Brexit leader Johnson

Britain will continue to have access to the European Union’s single market despite voting to leave the bloc, leading Brexit campaigner and favorite to become the country’s next prime minister Boris Johnson said in a newspaper article on Sunday.

Britain’s shock decision to leave the EU has thrust Johnson into the gaze of global financial markets, who are eager to see what his plan for a post-Brexit Britain looks like and how, if he does become leader, it will affect the country’s trade with the rest of the world.

Johnson said Britain could now forge a relationship with the EU based on free trade and partnership rather than a federal system, and that Britain would also be able to do free trade deals with growth economies outside the EU.

“There will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market,” Johnson wrote in a regular column for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, adding that there was “no great rush” for Britain to extricate itself from the EU.

Wow. I thought some of our American politicians are bad. This guy makes our worst look pretty darn good.

Britain imports 40% of its food. It needs to develop trading partnerships quickly within an atmosphere of revenge from Europe. This is reflected in the EU’s need to punish Britain to ensure other countries do not get tempted to go down the same path. France already wants to change its border treaty with Britain to ensure that the thousands of migrants at Calais become an English problem.
American President, Obama, has said they would go to the end of the queue. Scotland and Nth. Ireland want to separate so they can still get their welfare from the EU. They have no friends in the Commonwealth which they eschewed so readily in favour of their new friends in Europe so many years ago, destroying trade except for a bit of butter and lamb from NZ…Australia and New Zealand are already looking for ways to obtain commercial gain and renewed preferential treatment with a cynical eye on job opportunities for their youth in a City devoid of the big banks who will have retreated to the continent with the loss of hundreds of jobs.
Good luck.

Another real issue is the legal validity of a referendum under British law. Britain has no written constitution and there is no place for the immediate legitimacy of a referendum within its Parliamentary system.
Thus, as Parliament needs to revoke laws and possibly pass new ones in order to bring legitimacy to any trigger of Article 50, it may well be that Parliament declares that it is not bound by the referendum and refuses to act.
Now, some might say that this would require very brave politicians, and I admit to never having met one, it still remains a possible outcome especially given the narrowness of the leave winning margin.

One has to question the sanity of a government who puts such an important question to an open referendum given the tyranny of the mediocre behind true democracy. To allow it to be put with no higher margin of support than 50% amazes me. But given that neither side of the debate had any concrete legislative, fiscal, economic or defence plans for a leave win just makes me realise that many have been out in the noon day sun for far too long.

I am sure most voted a protest vote thinking that they would not win and they could just go back to their one bar heaters and whinge which is the way of the English working class. Now they have Boris, with his Trump hairdo and his complete lack of any understanding of what he has done reassuring everyone that nothing will change in their access to the single market they just agreed to leave.
Hell, was that a rabbit with a fob watch? Time to take a blue tablet…

The United Kingdom is the second biggest economy in the EU after Germany. If Europe seeks to ‘punish’ the United Kingdom then they will just be punishing their own markets and trade.

Also, what would that say about the maturity of European leadership?

He wants to have his cake and eat it too, hmmm… :slight_smile:

It is in the interests of both the UK and Europe to develop strong ties, just as is the case with other European nations out of the U.

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