Ukainian Genocide

The 75th Anniversary of the Ukrainian genocide known as Holodomor has just been observed. A man-made famine claimed 10 million people in the Ukraine from 1932-33.

Source: Michigan Catholic, Nov. 21, 2008, page 2.

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So, I will offer another link:

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday prayed that no political ideology would ever again cost people their freedom and dignity, as he recalled the millions who died from famine in Ukraine and other Soviet regions under dictator Josef Stalin.

The pontiff spoke in Ukrainian to pilgrims from that country in St. Peter’s Square, and noted that this month marks the anniversary of Holodomor, or Death by Hunger, as the famine is known in Ukraine.

The 1932-33 famine was orchestrated by Soviet authorities to force peasants to give up their land and join collective farms. Ukraine, known as the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, suffered the most.

“While strongly hoping that no political regime can ever again, in the name of an ideology, deny the rights, the dignity and freedom of the human person, I assure my prayers for all the innocent victims of that huge tragedy,” Benedict said in remarks from his studio window overlooking the square.

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