Ukip will not oppose gay marriage, Farage reveals as he calls for French-style system with separate legal and religious services


Looks like I won’t be voting at all this year, or ever again. Shame really, I quite liked UKIP.


Damn, I quite feel your pain. I’ve been following UKIP with quite some interest. This is very sad indeed to see. I don’t know how big the “religious right” is in the U.K., I mean, obviously its very small. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I assumed since some of the tories were against gay marriage, that UKIP would take up that mantle, of being the last voice to those people.

So, again, very sad to see. I still hope UKIP wins in the EU elections, and that hopefully other anti-EU parties win, so that the EU might collapse sooner than later.

That’s the real tragedy. The EU will collapse eventually, as it is statism run amock. But, the family, which has been destroyed all across Europe, won’t inevitably recover. Very sad to see. I can’t blame you for wanting to stay home after this.


It is very sad that so few are willing to defend marriage.


Being an American, I am somewhat clueless with regards to European politics. Would someone kindly explain to me what this means for marriage across the pond?


This news will not affect opposite-sex marriage.
Heterosexual marriage, in and/or out of church, remains intact re what this politician is saying and doing.
What he is saying will only allow more people to marry and have committed, long-term relationships and families.

His move and intent is very pro-marriage.



Can’t you say the same thing about allowing people to marry pet rocks?


Lord, have mercy.


Read about what has happened in Canada:

Do you oppose polygamous marriage?


Read about what has happened in Canada:

Do you oppose polygamous marriage?

Marriage is based on the complementarity of man and woman and homosexual couples do not meet that criteria so it is impossible to expand or change the definition of marriage, and society trying to change the definition of marriage is ridiculous therefore.


To be honest, I’ve never heard of anyone attempting to marry a pet rock before. I doubt it would pass muster since a pet rock is unable to sign a marriage document nor give positive affirmation that it indeed would want to be married.


Firstly, I noticed that the link was for the brownshirts, sorry the dailymail so I had to check other news sources. It does seem that the dailymail have accidently got it right although I would not want to read their opinion of it as they are untrustworthy.

Just don’t vote labour, turn your voting slip into a paper aeroplane instead.


I would encourage you to vote for the candidate who does the least amount of damage.

Don’t just give everyone else a free pass is my philosophy.

I’m really not terribly surprised that UKIP is going this route.



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