Ukraine and Syria. The difference in Religion

I’ve found the Orthodox’s attempt in bringing peace to the Ukraine protests inspiring. I’m wondering if Muslim clerics do the same type of thing as these Orthodox Priests:

I wonder if there are any Orthodox Priests calling for the killing of others? Recently there has been a report done by Vice who is often very Liberal:

I just want to bring attention to the difference in attitudes of Religious leaders when violence arises.

God Bless Religious leaders of all stripes who work for peace.

I agree with your implicit point, that there is a vast difference between Christianity and Islam.

However, comparing Ukraine to Syria is comparing apples and oranges. Ukraine has had peaceful protests for 2-3 months (which have only just recently started getting violent… with less than 10 people killed, correct me if I’m wrong). Syria is in a brutal civil war that has been raging for almost 3 years, has left around 130,000 people dead, and millions displaced inside and outside the country.

We need to pray that the situation in Ukraine doesn’t become like Syria, and we need to pray for peace in Syria.

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Indeed, Christian-Muslim relations tend to be very different from Christian-Christian relations.

Fr. Josiah Trenham of the Antiochian Orthodox Church gave a talk a few years ago about the rise of Islam and the calls for Sharia law in the West (you can find it online via the website for Patristic Nectar publications; I can’t remember the URL off hand). In it, he mentioned the request of Russia’s very small homosexual community that they be allowed to have a gay pride parade in Moscow, similar to others that have gone on in various world capitals now. The mayor of Moscow, who is a practicing Orthodox Christian, told them no, so they threatened to take him before the Hague to force him to give them what they wanted. In support of the mayor’s stance, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, then Patriarch Alexey II (memory eternal) appeared on TV with the grand Mufti of Russia. They wanted to present a united front of Russia’s religious people against the idea of the gay pride parade. The Patriarch spoke and said “We are a Christian nation and we believe homosexuality to be a sin. As Christians, we love people, and when you love people you don’t help them to sin.” The Mufti spoke next and said that he agreed with the Patriarch, and added “If there is a gay pride parade in Moscow, I cannot promise that blood will not be spilled.”

So, yes, there is something of a difference in approach to problems. Lord have mercy on His people in Syria and Ukraine.

The Ukrainians know very well the hell of war and killing. Getting it from both the Russians and the Germans during WW2.
In the city I grew up in, Pittsburgh, a beautiful Ukrainian Orthodox church with beautiful domes that tower over the buildings in the south side of the city. As a child, my dad took me to a Ukrainian barber who went through much of that hell and believed very much in peace. There was a sizable Ukrainian population in the city at that time. Many, even if they were not Orthodox, would attend there just to hear thier language. I heard nothing but good things about that church and it’s parisoners. Never advocated violence.

These are great pictures, but I am not at all sure that these priests belong to the Orthodox church. Maybe someone can have another look?


I have also visited some of these churches and participated in services. And, although I appreciate the sentiment, it should be remembered that many of our friendly Ukrainian neighbors that came to America, Canada and England after WWII were members of the Ukrainian SS, and were responsible for some of the most brutal crimes of that war.
Once here, they had to become pacifists for fear of being found out.
But their churches are beautiful indeed.

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