Ukraine could introduce martial law if eastern fighting worsens: Poroshenko


**Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday he did not rule out introducing martial law and a new wave of military mobilization if the conflict with pro-Russian separatists worsened.

Poroshenko made his comments as fresh tension with Russia over Crimea reignited fears that a fragile ceasefire deal hammered out in the Belarussian capital Minsk in February 2015 could collapse following the deadliest month of fighting in a year.

“If the situation escalates in the east and in Crimea we don’t rule out the possibilities (that) we will be forced to introduce martial law and announce a (further) mobilization,” Poroshenko said in a televised speech from the western Lviv region.**

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I think the West is becoming desperate to change the situation in Ukraine. The recent attempted infiltration of Ukrainian saboteurs into Crimea that was thwarted by Russian security forces is evidence.


I’m surprised at your deep faith in the Russian media


Ukraine intel reports more Russian military equipment in Donbas


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