Ukraine crisis: Kiev faces halt to gas supply


Gazprom has reaffirmed its Monday deadline for Ukraine to pay its debts after talks between Moscow and Kiev ended without agreement.

The Russian gas giant said it will cut Ukraine’s supply if Kiev fails to pay $1.95bn (£1.15bn) by 06:00 GMT.

“We reached no agreement. The chances that we meet again are slim,” Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kuprianov said.

Ukraine’s discounted rate for gas was axed by Moscow after protests removed pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych.


Wow. I imagine this will have pretty serious effects on Ukraine’s economy. Is Russia the only supplier of gas in Ukraine? Also, what kind of gas are they speaking of? Natural Gas, Gasoline, or something else?


This is what may happen when a nation is dependent on another for resources. :yup:


Smart of Poroshenko to trigger this crisis sooner rather than later. He causes many Europeans to be further incensed at Russia, increasing the chance they will ratchet up sanctions which may help the military situation. And by doing it in June, the immediate needs in Ukraine or the EU aren’t as great, so Gazprom’s leverage is at its weakest. If Ukraine and some EU countries do need to obtain gas from other sources for the winter, this gives the maximum time for the infrastructure and agreements to be put into place.




Now would it not be something for the Ukraine’s to go ahead and develop their own independence form gas in response to this? Wind power, solar power, the power of water all come to mind.

Maybe they could do just that, even without the help of the rest of the world. It might be crude to start, but there has to be some folks living there with the brains to get it done.

I am so sick of National Bullying and Russia is a prime example of a nation that needs to fall on it’s butt. And it is always about that stupid oil. I wonder what nation will have or does have the guts to send fuels the Ukrainian people need despite any past agreements with Russia?


They have their own gas they can frack (wind and solar are too expensive).


Frack baby frack!!

The green alternatives also take too long, they have six months, max.

I wonder how long the Israeli pipeline will take??

Any coal reserves in UKR?



Yes, I believe they do have coal. I think they should frack too, i.e., if you have the resources, then why bother being dependent on someone else, although the situation in Ukraine is a little more complicated, i.e., I don’t know how Russia would react to the idea of Ukraine fracking its own gas.


Most of the serious coal mining in the Ukraine is done in the areas where the seperatists are strongest and many of the miners (although not all) are very pro-Russian.


I wonder if France could be convinced to help them go nuclear?


Interestingly, France has a lot of frackable gas reserves, but will not allow fracking. A good part of Europe does. Perhaps, as the European countries wind down their unsustainable wind and solar facilities, (which they’re doing) they’ll get better sense and use their resources.


The Ukraine already does have nuclear power which provides a large part part of it’s power. The Ukrainian govt. has been planning to build newer and safer reactors for years.


I support fracking for when you really need oil, but if you’re after electricity nuclear power is the way to go.


Unless you are located on a seismic fault line.


:thumbsup: Glad to hear it. I hope they take this opportunity to expand their nuclear program.


So long as it’s done safely as both the Ukraine and Russia have a less than stellar safety record in this area, mind you so do some other countries but the problem has historically been worse in both. Remember the Ukraine is where Cherynobl is situated. My wife comes from a part of Russia where due to nuclear research until a few years ago foreigners were banned from entering except with special permission and there are still several towns where that is true in the region. At least one of them bans even Russian non-residents from visiting or entering without going through a lot of paperwork. I’ve been allowed in via some string pulling and it’s a nice looking town but there was in the past a rather major accident that was quietly swept under the carpet there which very few westerners would have heard of.


Can’t really blame Chernobyl on the Ukrainians. That was a Soviet project. Ukrainians themselves had no control over it. One assumes if the French built a reactor, it would be French folks doing it. Operating it might be another matter.


The Ukrainians contributed plenty of manpower to the reactors in that area of the USSR, I’d blame the failures in reactors in the USSR on bureaucracy which was a major problem in the USSR with regards to many projects. Also safety standards were sometimes shabby. Mind you they were not too good in the UK either at times, Windscale has been poisoning the Irish Sea for donkey’s years now. Of course as usual the British just ignore the Irish when they mention it and aren’t too keen on the British mentioning it either too often as they have tried all sorts of PR stunts with that plant.

If you want an example of a major disaster look up Kyshtym disaster which is what I was referencing in my other email. It’s much less known than Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Windscale but was the third most serious nuclear accident ever to occur.


I’m think I’m quite partial to nuclear power (it’s non-carbon), and it’s quite safe, efficient and effective (not costly compared to other forms of energy).

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