UKRAINE - RUSSIA - Christian politicians and religious leaders agree to a memorandum for a "single Ukrainian Church" [AN]

A Greek Catholic representative signed the Rivne Memorandum, as did two bishops loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate, who later withdrew their signature. Pressure is coming from many sides. Moscow Patriarchate slams Catholics, saying that if they wish to be part of this process they must end their communion with the pope.


Well then, the church that supports Putin wants the Catholic Church to leave Rome?

Support that boar2roar?

I would say that Catholic participation is odd too. I wonder what the reason for that was?



Or is it a similar simply symbolic act? Or merely an act of desire for unity like the various dialogues that used to occur between the Church and the Anglican Communion and still do from time to time between the Church and the Lutherans?

That region has a tradition of political involvement in and over religion with no exact duplicate experience in Western countries, so I wonder if this is a mere facade of intent?

I wouldn’t begin to claim understanding of the ins and outs of this, but there seems to be the possibility that the two non-Moscow Orthodox churches were wanting to separate themselves more clearly from Moscow, which is, for all intents and purposes, a “state religion” in Russia. Possibly they perceived the Moscow Patriarchate as a tool of the Russian state which is at war with Ukraine. Also possibly, the Moscow representatives might have thought this would be a call for union under Moscow, and found that it was the opposite, and then ditched out on the pretext that the Greek Catholics couldn’t participate in any kind of union with the Orthodox without abandoning allegiance to the Pope. (thus becoming Orthodox)

It seem improbable to me, but it’s not totally beyond the realm of possibility that the two local Orthodox churches felt they had a better future with the Greek Catholics than they ever would with Moscow, imaginably negotiating some form of union or at least closer accommodation and mutual identification with Ukraine. But for sure, all would have a tough time if Russia conquers all of Ukraine.

I’ve been quite critical of the Russian orthodox churches view of catholicism in my previous posts. But that has little to do with Putin and the Russian orthodox church has felt this way about catholics way before the most interesting man in the world to you was even born. Its partly why they tried to form an alliance with the anglicans (before they turned all liberal) back when they were still their good old anti papist selves

I’m not sure either. I wish the memorandum were available to be read.

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