Ukraine: Russia moved tanks across border

Ukraine: Russia moved tanks across border

No surprise. The only question is how much of Ukraine Putin will conquer and annex. If I had to bet or die, he won’t take the whole country, but will take the Industrial east and the Chernozem and fracking lands just west of there, and stop.

And nobody will do a thing about that or about the Ukrainians who will leave the area and crowd into the truncated remainder of Ukraine.

Pretty much all of Kherson region (the only Ukrainian region that has a land border with Crimea) is Russian-speaking, but there are no rebels there. My own cynical theory on that is that Kherson region, with its sunflowers and watermelon fields, offers no great financial incentive for anyone to take it over.

I am Facebook friends with several Catholic and Protestant organizations working in Ukraine. All have taken in refugees from the war-torn regions of eastern Ukraine, and the stories that they share from the refugees are horrifyingly heartbreaking. All the organizations are swamped, running short of funds, and are constantly getting calls to take in more refugees. Winter is coming, and many of the places that had taken refugees were summer camps and the like, which are not appropriate housing for a Ukrainian winter at all.

Putin, China, Iran ,North Korea and ISIS do not fear this White House.

Very weak leadership in America.

Suprise, surprise.

I don’t think Russia will be able to annex them though. Look what happened when they tried to annex Finland in the Winter War

That was a different time.

I guess Putin can’t make up his mind.
Didn’t the tanks return to Russia a few months ago? I thought Putin had pulled out.

Maybe it has a little more to do with the obstructionist house. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that President Obama could come out against gay marriage, taxes, abortion and Dodd-frank, and you would still complain about him.

He holds off on bombing a country, he’s weak… He carries out airstrikes and he’s weak, I guess the guy just can’t win.

It didn’t happen.

Even NATO said it hasn’t happened.

Too much Russiaphobia (if that’s a word) in the west’s newspapers.


So what, this is the 10th time Russia has launched an invasion now? The Kiev junta is starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf too many times .So now we shouldn’t be talking about how naughty the boy is. And start questioning the intelligence of the villagers.

From… OSCE observers reported seeing a large convoy of unmarked tanks and heavy military equipment moving through rebel-held territory toward Donetsk. A few hours later, the heaviest fighting around Donetsk since the declared ceasefire.

Ahead of the increase in fighting overnight into Sunday morning, the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) spotted a large column of unmarked tanks, howitzers and troop carriers moving through eastern Ukraine.
The sighting of the large convoy came a day after Kyiv had accused Russia of sending tanks and heavy artillery over the border, an allegation which Moscow has denied.
The OSCE said the columns seen late on Saturday included 19 large unmarked “Kamaz” trucks towing 122mm howitzers and carrying military personnel in dark green unmarked uniforms. It also reported nine tanks moving roughly 7 kilometers (4 miles) southwest of the Donetsk city center.

Why should they? What is America supposed to be the bully of the world that countries like China and Russia should fear. What do you do against countries with nukes and large economies, giving them a dose of vitamin america with a “strong” president? That only works with countries that have no armies.

Why does America care about a country bordering Russia in a Euro Russian affair?? Does America just rule the entire earth??

Why should England and France have cared about the Sudentenland, or Poland for that matter? Did they just rule the entire earth?

Apparently no longer true.


November 09, 2014
BRUSSELS – The European Union has expressed deep concern over reports of military convoys moving westward on rebel-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine and urged Russia to withdraw any troops or weapons under its control from the neighboring country.

“The most recent reports by the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine about convoys in separatist held areas with substantial amounts of heavy weapons, tanks and troops without insignia moving westwards represent a very worrying development,” EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a statement on November 9.

It adds to Western pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who denies Moscow has lent military support to separatists fighting to carve out states in eastern Ukraine in a conflict that has killed more than 4,000 people since April

Putin will see U.S. President Barack Obama at an Asia-Pacific summit in Beijing on November 10-11 and come face-to-face with several Western leaders at a G20 summit in Australia on November 15-16.

Well they did nothing about it until the germans attacked France but please tell me you understand the difference between Russia involving itself with a country on its border that was overthrown with the blessing of the west and the help of western foreign interests groups. Do you think Putin is going to allow a NATO satellite to appear right by his border especially when almost half of the country is actually Russian? He’s doing this defensively the west is the one thats aggressively trying to make gains against him. He’s not going to attack a NATO country either so the US should concentrate on the peace and democracy they created in the middle east not Russia’s border

I didn’t know that ethnic Russians automatically received Russian citizenship. :rolleyes:

I’m Ukrainian and what you write above is false, as a simple visit to Wikipedia would illustrate. Only 17% of Ukraine’s population is ethnically Russian, and even among them there is a strong anti-Putin sentiment. Ukrainians constitute some 78% of the population of Ukraine. They do not wish to be ruled by the Kremlin which constitutes an autocratic, corrupt regime with no real rule of law and has a KGB ruler for life in Putin for all intents and purposes. Most Ukrainians, Ukrainian and Russian-speaking, wish fervently for their independence and hope to build a society bereft of corruption with dignity for its citizenry.

Ukraine did not attack Russia. It is Russia which has sent in Spetsnaz, GRU agents, FSB agents, Russian paratroopers, ‘volunteers’, Chechen and Ossetian mercenaries, criminals, and weapons and tanks and missiles into Ukraine to run and arm a rebellion run from Moscow (the original KGB leader sent from Moscow “Girkin” last spring complained about lack of local support among the population for any rebellion). NATO has given Ukraine nada in terms of any weapons. It is Ukraine which is on the defense from Russian agression, which I thought should be clear by now at least.

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